Saturday, July 29, 2006

Did you ever stop to wonder,
If one day it could be you;
Who cannot access buildings,
Do things you need to do?

For accidents or illness,
May strike at any time;
And introduce new challenges,
Into a life sublime.

So, when you see a person,
With a challenge at the fore;
Consider your own wishes,
Were the challenge at 'your' door.

With your imagination,
Take the time to muse;
How you would cope with,
"walking in the other person's Shoes".

Some challenges are welcome,
While some are not by choice;
Some challenges are painful,
Yet, in others we rejoice.

Every challenge we must face,
Is one from which we learn;
Another's understanding,
Is the gift for which we yearn.

So, approach each individual,
From the very start;
With knowing that the person,
Has a living, beating heart.

For with a heart comes feelings,
Not so unlike yours;
With a little understanding,
We can all help open doors.


EXSENO said...

Beautiful! Did you write that yourself?

No One said... are you doing sista? ...take care...see ya

Cergie said...

I can understand that's very well written and also very swinging...
Often very swinging too between two possibilities.
Only one sentence for me: "prendre la vie comme elle vient" = we aggree to take life as it comes. Right or wrong, good and evil. Have I understood your poem ?

Champ - Love Hound said...

Now that's what you call "understood manners". I wish most of us can learn it today.


Kuan Gung said...

Beautiful...absolutely beautiful did you wrtite this?

Gaurav Jain said...

Very Very Well Written!

Every time I see a person or animal with a disability, I feel sad that they need to go through it. Really, we take things for granted in our lives, and keep ridiculing our situation when we're really much much better off than most of other living things on earth!

Beautifully written...


S A L Z said...

Hey sam !!!..very very well written poem indeed.
Love the way u ended it with an important conclusion. Look for heart and soul not for materalistic things.
In my experience of life i've always felt that the Art of self contentment resides in the thinking by putting oneself in the shoes of otherz...and thats what u said too :). You can have all the glories of this world and still never feel u r at the top of the world, but seeing someone in more pain than you really puts our hand together in front of Allah and we say Thank God you have given me more than what i deserve...kher...
everybody has its own thinking...but u always potray what should be a universal thought...Glad to read ur thoughts once again...Stay Cool and i can't wait to see ur next blog ;)
Smiles n Prays

David said...

Yes, life could be real exciting if we would muse about being in someone else's shoes, and then put the musing into action. We could learn alot of lessons.

Thanks Samrina!

Gabrielle Eden said...

Very nice post

Gabrielle Eden said...
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suga said...

Salaam sis. I hope u r well...You truly have kept this blog very precious with all the beautiful words u have filled it with.

Allah Bless u

Champ - Love Hound said...

Just took your tag.


Trailady said...

Wonderful, wonderful- always feel inspired when I visit you, Samrina.
We need more of this compassion in the world. There would be far less wars and more reasons to celebrate.

Blessings be upon you!

Marthyan said...

Very True,

Life poses so much challenges and everyone is left to his or her own perspective to overcome, rejoice or pain over it

Well written

samrina said...

Dear Bloggers,

First is would like to clear that these are not my own words, i liked it thats why placed at my blog to share with you all. I know its my mistake and i was supposed to mention in the post that i dnt own these words, so my appologies for this. But yeah the message this poem holds and whatever it is all about you can say reflects my thoughts aswell. Anyhow I am really thankful to all of you for your kind words here :)

Takecare all.