Thursday, July 06, 2006


It's not something to buy,
but it's definitely something to try.
It will make you feel good,
as only happiness could.
It may come from success,
or from what you possess.
Or it may come from the support of family and good friends
on whom you can always depend.
But today I want to send some happiness your way
in hopes that you have a brighter day!

For all my blog friends with loads of prayers & best wishes:) :)


EXSENO said...

Happiness is a wonderful thing. I wish the same for you.

Anil P said...

And when happiness visits, we all want it to stay :)

JamesBright said...

You poem made me happy..!
You are a wonderful friend.
Take care.

samrina said...

Exseno... thnx for ur wishes Exseno:)

Anil... yeah true u said, thnx for stopping by n ur words here:)

James Bright... glad that these words make u happy my friend, thats wat they meant for :)

Takecare all.

Nabeel said...

yupp .. one can't buy happiness .. it just comes or is achieved ..

Tim Rice said...

Thanks, samrina. Just knowing that others want to brighten my day makes me happy.

May your days be blessed also.

Champ - Love Hound said...

I Pray 'm' wish alot of Happiness for you in life.

Thankyou for your comments, I'm sorry I couldn't answer earlier. *Smiles*

God bless you....

Writer's Creek said...

Masha'Allah, you're spreadin' around sweetness! (Y)

A cousin of mine had this nick on MSN a while ago. And it said "happiness is not an emotion to be posessed but a state of mind to be preserved'.

Nice, ain't it? :)


samrina said...

Nabeel... true, thnx for ur visit:)

Tim Rice... really glad to know that it makes u feel gud n happy:). May God always keep u smiling forever. Thnx for ur wishes too:)

Champ... thnx alot Khurram for ur prayers n wishes:) Glad to hear from u again :)

Writter's Creek... very true about happiness ur cousin stated as a nick in msn:)

Thnx for stopping by n adding ur thoughts here:)

Takecare all.

Sugarlips said...

"Happiness" I'm in love with this word...You r right its not something to buy..You can get happiness from small little things.

Feeding a hungry bird or a person.
Holding hands with ur loved onez.
Blessing from ur parents.
A new born.
Listening to someone telling u "I missed you" or "I love you".
A song.
A poet.
Making someone happy.
Taking long walks.
Seeing rainbow the 1st time & calling ur loved one.
Buying gifts.
Happiness is everywhere & in everything all we need to do it find it :)
I Hope & pray you get all the happiness in ur life :)

Stay Beautiful..!

No One said...

:) pretty sweet! how are you? take care...see ya.

samrina said...

Sugarlips... thnx alot friend for adding ur beautiful thoughts here n ur wishes:)

No One... i m fine sis n hope u too, thnx for ur words here:)


Blue Sky said...

wonderful blog.. I will be coming back for more reading soon.. thank you.

samrina said...

Blue Sky... thnx alot for stopping by & ur liking. U r most welcome friend:)


Cergie said...

I don't need to buy things to be happy. I just need to be near somebody I love in front of a beautifuk landscape !

samrina said...

Cergie... thnx my friend for adding ur beautiful thoughts here:)


Nabeel said...

ohh man ohh mannn @ sugarlips .. what beautiful thoughts .. your comments made me HAPPY .. more than the actual post .. feeding a bird .. awww .. awwww cute little birdyyyy ... and then blessing from parents .. and a new born baby .. awwww wearing all pink ..

loved the comment :)