Friday, July 14, 2006

The Quietness Of Strength
Sometimes in life we cannot show
The way we truly feel
We have to smile and just pretend
A facade that's far from real
Someone who pushes you to extremes
Or a person who isn't sincere
Sometimes you want to walk away
And act like you really don't care
They shouldn't take silence for weakness
For one day they may be surprised
Although they may think you're just a wimp
you may put tears in their eyes
The quietness of strength is a powerful thing
That may help you forgive though they're wrong
And although I know it's the hardest thing
Stooping to their level will not make you strong


Writer's Creek said...

Completely awesome!!

And I agree with it like 110%

Thanks for sharin' it with us :)

EXSENO said...

Sometimes silence works better then anything. Let the other person make a fool of theirself and keep your degnity whenever possible.

Kuan Gung said...

Great points...never put your happiness in the hands of not what they think, it's what you believe...thank you

Pavan said...

Great thoughts, appreciable acumen!

samrina said...

Writer's Creek... glad u liked it n u r always welcome:)

Exseno... yeah agreed my friend, thnx for adding ur thoughts here:)

Kuan Gung... true u stated there, by the way welcome at my blog:)

Pavan... thnx alot for ur words here, thnx for stopping by:)

Takecare all.

Sugarlips said...

Sis...Very nicely u jotted down everything "The quietness of strength is a powerful thing" that is so true...Stooping to their level will never make u strong no matter your heart is smoldering with hate or how brittle you are. Silence speaks so high :)

Stay Beautiful...!

Gaurav Jain said...

Awesome post!

What a great idea - to find strength in quietitude. I'm completely in agreement with ya.


Trailady said...

This is very true. We cannot allow others to define who we are. Otherwise when they are hateful, we will also be hateful. We must love because that's who we are. Let the world rage and rant, but we can still have a sense of peace. We do not have to mirror our environment or the treatment we receive.

Blessings be upon you!! :o)

samrina said...

Sugarlips... glad that u liked it n thought about it that deeply, thnx alot sis for ur words here:)

Gaurav Jain... thnx alot my friend for sparing this much time and for ur agreement:)

Trailady.... really glad to hear from u after such a long time, thnx alot for adding ur thoughts:)

Takecare all.

Gabrielle Eden said...

Good writing style.

Nabeel said...

i agree with sugarlips .. so beautifully said. Silence is golden like our elders have always taught. The one who stays quite and controls anger/hate is the one strongest among you ..

it is very very easy to burst out in anger and shout and let ur fury out .. however it is very very hard to control all that anger and stay calm.

The voice os silence can be heard a million miles .. it is that strong. But don't let people abuse your good trait (the trait of silence)