Sunday, July 09, 2006


Happiness and sadness both are part of life. Since last few days I m seriously n deeply thinking about the topic and trying to find out the main reason to it. I first evaluated my own self that what makes me happy or sad and on the basis of my experiences till now in life its “EXPECTATIONS” that could be not only but one of the main reasons. Few times back I saw this equation somewhere and now today I understood what it meant for after thinking deeply about it.


This is so very true when our expectations come to reality we are happy but when we don’t get what we expect it really hurts and make us sad n depressed.

So I think it’s better to keep our expectations limited and only and only from God. But still question is there that can we limit our expectations? Is it in our control?


Champ - Love Hound said...

I do agree with you. Expectations 're the only plew that can make us happy for things 'n' also can make us sad.

Things, factors, reasons, causes 're what we expect. This expectation lead us to happines, sadness, love, hate, fear, proud 'n' many emotions of livin'. *Smiles*

God bless you.....

JamesBright said...

I also agree with you.
Remember Buddha said the same thing..!
Another thing Samrina, you are thinking very philosophically!
That is actually very good.
Love, regards and best wishes..!

Sugarlips said...

Sis...I agree with you.
We grope for happiness all our lives & IF we get it luckily but not the same way we expected besides thanking God we give this bleak out look cuz we just don't want to accept reality & if everything is on mend like we are getting happiness just the way we wanted we feel the luckiest...I think we expect too much & sometimes EXPECTATION leads you to darkness...!
Can we limit our expectations? Yes we can..all we need is COURAGE...!

EXSENO said...

I think it can be in our control, to not make our expectations to high, but then where is the satisfaction in that? I think a lot of satisfaction comes from attaining higher goals.

Maybe if we don't ecpect and just do, when we attain more then we think we would have attained, then we can have that happiness without the expectations, but is that possible??
Personally I try not to expect to much, that way when things work out better then usual, it is like a nice surprise.

Cergie said...

In French we say: "regarder le verre a moitie vide ou le verre a moitie plein". YConsider having a glass half empty or half full for the same glass !
My life is perhaps not such wonderful I would like, but it's not so bad !!!

Rose said...

But does it always hold true... ??

Our life is only limited by our expectations and dreams.. coz afteral dreamz are wat maketh us.. Of crs only to an extent when our dreams arent overwhelming and dont consume our very being..



Writer's Creek said...

Ofcourse, expectations are in are control. Don't justify yourself by thinking that this is something quite beyond me.

I think I'd like to incorporate parts of my reply to this comment on my post.

V N said...

Isnt it even more ironic that we end up expecting all the more, having been barely out of an experience that explicitly stated the futility of it all?

Sometimes we never learn, do we?
And at other times perhaps, we never want to learn.


samrina said...

Champ... glad that u agreed friend, yeah true u stated in the end expectations not only leads toc sadness or happiness but other emotions as well. Thnx for adding ur thoughts here:)

James Bright... thnx for ur sweet comment James. Yeah i know i m trying to be philosophical:)

Sugarlips... thnx alot sis for ur words here n answering my question. Yeah sometimes courage can help us to limit our expectations. Its always been lovely to hear from u, thnx for stopping by:)

Exseno... yeah true sometimes when we get anything unexpectidly it make us more happy:)

Cergie... thnx friend for sharing French quote with meaning here:)

Rose... well sis yeah i think it is true wat u think of it?

Writer's Creek... thnx for ur such a detailed answered at ur blog friend, yeah i do agree with wat u stated n in the context u see through the topic:)

Velu... well i didnt mean friend that we shud stop expecting we shud n from both experiences i mean whether its favourable or nopt we shud learn the lesson. I think u think of it in other context or may i m failed to get ur point:( Anyhow thnx alot for stopping by n adding ur views:)

Takecare all.

Gaurav Jain said...

Well this post of your reminds me of what was taught in the Art of Living that I attended years ago:


You're rigth that the more we expect, the more likely we are to get a rude shock. Expectations can be controlled by us by always remembering that these are only expectations. We must remember that this is human nature, and that nothing in this world is guaranteed. Instead of expectations, I think we should rather have hope. Hope, if unfulfilled, doesn't break our heart as expectations do.

samrina said...

Gaurav Jain... very true u stated my friend but i think sometimes expectations r beyond one's control, we expect knowing we wont get it or sometimes from a person about whom we know he/she wud never come upto our expectations. But very true ui stated its something in human nature and nothing is guaranted in this world.

Thnx alot my friend for sharing ur thoghts here:)