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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Many of us spend all our life dreaming, planning and struggling for future and doing that we ignore our present... there could be many small happiness n precious moments of life we just ignore or waste by being so much involved in our future thinking n plannings... 

Dreaming n then setting new goals after achieving every previous goal is an on going process that will never end I guess its a natural phenomena...our greed never ends...and yea it is important as well to always have some dream n goal in life to keep on going n having that charm n ambition in life...

Am not against dreaming and thinking n planning future...but yea I have seen many around who ignore their present for their future... and later in their life they regret for missing all those small but precious moments of life that they just waste in running after their goals for future...

Isn't it a fact that no one knows about future??... who knows today what we planning for tomorrow whether we will be able to see the rising sun of up coming morning or not...?? I know it sounds pessimist but isn't it a reality too???

Dream...plan..effort for your good future...but don't forget to live n enjoy what you have in your present... don't wait to live your life in the future neither make your loved ones wait with you for that...

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Monday, October 08, 2012

Long Time...!! Missed ma page and my all blog friends here... hope to be regular here now on wards..:)) and do hope that all my blog fellows are doing well in their life.. :)

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