Thursday, November 22, 2007

Visit to Multan...

As per I said in my earlier post that I was out of city for vaccations and gonna write about my visit in detail so here I am publishing the first part of the post as there are many things that I really wanna share here. I have been asked by my several readers to write about my country, traditions and culture so here I am publishing for the very first time at my blog something related to my country and that is a brief introduction about a beautiful, small, full of traditional colors city called to be Multan that I luckily gotta chance to visit recently.

Well Multan is known as the 'City of Sufi Saints and Shrines'. The city is full of bazars (markets), mosques, shrines and superbly designed tombs. The numerous Sufi shrines within the old city offer impressive examples of workmanship and architecture. The Shams-e Tabriz shrine is built almost entirely of sky-blue engraved glazed bricks. That of Shah Rukn-e Alam (Tughlaq period) has one of the biggest domes in Asia. The shrine of Sheikh Yusuf Gardez is a masterpiece of the Multani style. Other shrines include the Pahladpuri Temple and the Idgah Mosque (1735).

City can be divided into parts one old Multan with old, traditional buildings and markets where people still follow old cultural values and live with the purely old tradional style in a very simple way. Whereas there is a modern brand new Multan city that holds all the modern looks and facilities.

Basically I belong to Karachi one of the biggest cities of Pakistan where life is as like as in the other big cities of of the world. I have been visited several other cities of Pakistan too but if I compare Karachi with them especially small cities like Multan then I must say that life here in Karachi is much faster and different. Simplicity is the most highlighted difference that I found there in both people and their life styles and that truly admired and attracted me as it is truly rare in other big, advanced cities.

(to be contd.)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Thanks to all...

Hi to all,

Well first of all I wanna express my gratitude and deep thanks to all my blog friends for all their concern and love, I am truly honored and glad to read all the words left in my absence here.

I am sorry I couldn’t inform earlier that I am leaving for vacations. It was such a nice experience of my life to visit for the very first time interior Punjab and attend such a colorful, purely traditional wedding ceremony there. I’ll write in detail about all this along with the pictures that I took at places there in my next post in a day or two. Hope you all gonna like and enjoy it too.

Once again thanks a lot to all my blog friends. Hope you all are doing well.

Best Regards,