Friday, November 24, 2006

Three Things

I got this in a forward mail and found it worth sharing so here it is with some additions from myside:

Three things to be

- pure, just and honest

Three things to govern

- temper tongue and conduct

Three things to have

- courage, affection and gentleness

Three things to love

- the wise, the virtuous and the innocent

Three things to commend

- thrift, industry and promptness

Three things to despise

- cruelty, arrogance and ingratitude

Three things to attain

- goodness of heart, integrity, and cheerfulness

Three things that are required in any relationship

-trust, care and love

Three things that always help to succeed

-honesty, hardwork and motivation

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Once again I am here with the same topic "Life". God! I know I sound damn bore now. Sometimes I really feel that my thinking is so limited . I wish I could bring some changes in myself, in my thinking, in my writting, ......

Well I think Life can be defined in many ways. Few months back I shared here at my blog that life is an exam and whatever is been given to us by God and even not is just to test us and on the day of judgement we all are going to be rewarded for our good work and punished for bad ones. Sometimes I do feel that life is to judge and discover ourself that what we are actually? Throughout life we keep on analysing ourself in different phases of life and in every phase and in every relationship we found ourself different. Everyday we experience new new things and I guess we all change with time. Like life we human beings are also not certain and predictble.

According to some life is a journey towards death, for some life is fun, few define life as a punishment,and etc etc. We all have our own different defination for life and that based on our experiences, our thoughts, our studies and knowledge, and may be few other reasons as well to the list.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Sometimes its really hard to express our true feelings in words though I always beleive that true feelings never need words to be expressed but still I guess world need an expression and words are important sometimes because not everyone can understand you or knows what you got in your heart. Anyhow I have again started my philosophy here, actually I am just trying to express my gratitude for all the care and concern of my blog friends. I am truely grateful to Allah for bringing me so many loving and caring people around. I wish could also be able to come upto the expectations of all around me.

Once again my deep thanks for God and all of you for all your sweet words at my blog. Hope our all relationship will grow with time. Lots of prayers and best wishes for all of you. Take very good care of yourself and all around you. Lets us all together take our steps towards the friendship and peace in the world.

Best Regards,