Friday, November 02, 2012

Its not that I miss or love my father for my needs... and I cant say its just coz of the blood relationship that we have... but actually isn't its all true??? I never accept it..neither wanna even think this way... sound really so mean n yukhyyyyy... but this is the reality of life...we humans are so mean n self centered... may be we are created like this that our all relationships in life are based on needs, expectations, desires and our personal benefit..whether its our relationship with our God, parents, siblings, friends or anyone...we all hold some expectations from all these relationships...we pray to God with all our heart mostly when we are in pain or in a serious need...we respect n care our parents coz they look after our needs... until n unless our siblings n other relatives support us n stay good with us we don't return the same to them... we pick n choose our friends based on our liking towards  them or if they help or support us in any means... Isn't it all sound so mean n selfish??? Am sure no one even realize n accept this bitter truth.. and I do expect that many will disagree to the idea even I do...I don't even wanna think like that especially when it comes to my love for my God, my father n loved ones...

Many a times in my life so far I have sacrificed my numerous wishes n desires without even realizing for my loved ones... but today when I am evaluating myself n looking into the depth of all the relationships I hold in my life I feel I am the same common, selfish human... I never stopped praying to my Allah not even the time when I faced failure n losses in my life in fact I always felt that especially during my hard times I get more close to my God... but is it only just coz I love n have faith in my Allah?? or coz of the hopes n expectation that He will some day soon turn back things into my favor as He hold all the powers in His hands so, if I pray to Him n please Him He will help me out or may be coz of the fear that what if God punish us for our bad deeds??  I know its my faith in my God but if we look into the depth of the idea isn't it true that our prayers are based on our needs n expectations from our God?? We pray to our God just coz we know that He is the One who can help us n fulfill our needs...and unfortunately same is the case with our other relationships as well.. isn't it?????

Aren't we humans are real mean n selfish..???

Gosh!! bitter but true reality of life.. isn't it??