Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

...just wanna wish a very Happy Valentines all who are part of my life..I hope you all have wished n expressed your love to all your loved ones..

Love n Peace,
Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

February: The Month of Love

February is known as a month of Love..month of flowers..candies..friendship..and for me the month of February holds somewhat more importance as its a month of my birthday as well.. :))

You guys must be thinking that I am talking too kiddish here..but my point is..since, we all are too busy in our schedules and routine life that we hardly spare time for our own self and for our loved ones to let them know that how important they are for us and how much we love them..I always say expression is very important..small things in life make big differences and get our lots of happiness..small gestures..small may just a note saying I Love You!..I Miss You..Thinking of You..these are just small things that can make your loved ones and you at your own as well feel so good.. isn't it???

So, like always I am too excited as the month started today infect since, so many days I have started my planning and surprises..and just thought to share it with you all as well..this time I really wanna do something so special and I have decided to celebrate this entire month of February as a month of Love, Peace and Friendship..and for this entire month my all posts will be on love..and I invite you all as well to share your opinions and experiences in this regard here..I will glad to have your words here..

Lets spread love..lets make our loved ones feel special this month..lets spare few minutes from our busy schedules to tell our parents, friends, lovers..that how much we love them...lets give and take love..:))

Best Wishes,