Thursday, June 28, 2007


We all are known with the fact that both happiness and sadness are part of life but besides this reality of life this is also true that we human beings get depressed more easily and lose hope at small failures in life in comparison of getting happy & enjoying our achievements and success in life. It’s in human nature to look into the darker side of the picture first and think negatively that leads to depressions, loss of hopes, weakness and finally this result in further more failures in life.

I always use to think that whether happiness and sadness is in one’s control or not??? I thought a lot about it and have observed several people including my own self, various situations, read about it and have discussed this with several people around and the conclusion that I have made on the basis of all this is that 100% we can’t control this but yes to an extend this is in one’s own hands to be happy or depressed. The only thing that matters is our thinking that brings both problems and solutions in our life. I believe whatever happen in this world is with some purpose behind it and if we try to get and understand that reason we will never think negatively about it. We human beings have limited mental abilities and vision sometimes we can’t decide what is right or wrong for us, it’s only God who knows and can better decide for us. Sometimes we pray and effort a lot for something without knowing that whether this is right or wrong and when we dnt get it we get negative and depressed without thinking that may be that was wrong for us and God gonna bring us something much more better in place of it. Secondly sometimes God bring us failures to teach us lesson and make us stronger. I have lost my father in early ages of my life and whenever I miss him and feel depressed I always make myself remind that as I am a special person of God & He love me & trust me so He have selected me for this test and now I have to come up to His expectations and truly this thing help me a lot and take me out of depression.

Few days back I was reading Vincent Norman’s book ‘Power of Positive Thinking’ and in his book he have explained this very well with the help of different examples and true short stories. He wrote about a young sports man suffering from blood cancer breathing his last few breaths but he makes his team won match just because of his enthusiasm and positive thinking. Similarly he talked of several other true examples that helps us a lot to understand the importance and worth of positive thinking in our life.

Wish you all very best in life. Take care of yourself and all around.

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Monday, June 18, 2007


I always use to think that what can bring us true, deep internal happiness and then to get the answer I have started observing & evaluating my own self first and then others. I don’t know to what extend I am right or wrong in writing this but today I am writing this post on the basis of my observations and views about types of people in this world, what can bring us true internal happiness and lots more at the back of my mind while writing this.

Basically there are two types of people in this world one ‘Career Oriented people’, people who value most their career, work, job, money, etc most in life and another type of people that exist in this world can be called as ‘Domestic people’ or ‘Family Oriented people’, people fall in this category value more their relationships, their feelings, love, etc in their life.

According to my observations people who value most their career, money, work, etc in life do achieve their career related goals and seems to be successful people in the eye of the world but in most of the cases I have seen that they are not happy and satisfied internally because while running after their career oriented goals & money they ignored & lost their relationships with whom they can share their success, their happiness, their failures, and their depressions. By this I don’t mean at all that other type of people I talked of i.e. domestic or family oriented people are the happiest people in this world but unless you have anyone around to share your feelings with, your happiness, your success everything is meaningless. Yes people will appreciate you, come for a time being to celebrate with you your success but at the end of the day you will be alone especially I have seen in case of failures mostly people are left alone. In such situation only your close relationships, people who truly love and care you are there to give you their shoulder to cry at, to wipe your tears and give you courage & moral support to move further in life.

Being career oriented is not a bad thing but here I talked of extreme cases, in my view both should be kept in balance in life infect relationships should be given more importance and value in life then of career because our all career related success is meaningless unless we have our love one’s to share our feelings & success.

Hope you all are doing fine in your life.



Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I have been told by several people around that I use word ‘why’ so frequently and most of the times I sound to be unsatisfied with the answers unless I get into detail of anything and get to know each & everything about that issue or topic. I was just thinking about it today and evaluating myself & trying to get the answer of it but again one more ‘Why’ came into my mind that why it is so? Is it become that bothering & irritating for others that they have started pointing me out now??

Well I guess we all have so many why’s in our life that always keep us all in search of their answers and that results in creativity, inventions, different theories, solutions to many problems, enhancement of knowledge and much more…..

If I particularly talk about myself than I accept that yes I am a curious person not for everything but yeah for things related to me or topic of my interest. It’s really hard to satisfy me because I look into things & matters so deeply and keenly. May be the reason behind this is that I am an extremely sensitive person and think bit more deeply than of other normal human beings but that doesn’t mean at all that I am anyone extra ordinary & always right & always reach the point I m seeking for. May be it’s not a good habit for others and bothering for them but I don’t think it’s a bad habit, what you think???