Wednesday, June 06, 2007


I have been told by several people around that I use word ‘why’ so frequently and most of the times I sound to be unsatisfied with the answers unless I get into detail of anything and get to know each & everything about that issue or topic. I was just thinking about it today and evaluating myself & trying to get the answer of it but again one more ‘Why’ came into my mind that why it is so? Is it become that bothering & irritating for others that they have started pointing me out now??

Well I guess we all have so many why’s in our life that always keep us all in search of their answers and that results in creativity, inventions, different theories, solutions to many problems, enhancement of knowledge and much more…..

If I particularly talk about myself than I accept that yes I am a curious person not for everything but yeah for things related to me or topic of my interest. It’s really hard to satisfy me because I look into things & matters so deeply and keenly. May be the reason behind this is that I am an extremely sensitive person and think bit more deeply than of other normal human beings but that doesn’t mean at all that I am anyone extra ordinary & always right & always reach the point I m seeking for. May be it’s not a good habit for others and bothering for them but I don’t think it’s a bad habit, what you think???




shades of twilight said...

If the word 'why?' wasn't there, the world wouldn't have been what it is today..! :)

Timothy Tien said...

Hi Samrina,

This is a tough one! Since you are infact asking how do you yourself know if you have cross the line and are really asking too much?

I felt there is really no one answer to this, it depends on each situation. But if you are indoubt or not satisfied with an answer, always trust your own instinct and ask why???

I simply remember when I was in my early teens I was extremely inquistive and I did asked a lot of why. One day I asked why again and one friend made a comment that I ask too much question all the time. It shut me up for good.

I was so sensitive about this that it affected my life because from that time on I often withhold my quriosity in public. As you know any creative energy blocked within you may affect you.

At that age I was not as smart as you to enquire further to see if my friend was right or not. You are smart to ask further why???

The burden I think should be handed back to those who were bother by your question, the ball should be pass back to them and not in your hand so to speak.

Those people should answer why they are bother by your constant questioning, if they have you in their best interest they would want to help to get to the bottom of it. Unless you feel they have given you a satisfactory answer on this one, no further question needed to be directed at them in the future.


Sensitive person like youself are usually very creative person, and often they are not understood by society.

Good luck,


Timothy Tien said...

Oh sorry for the rambling on as I did above
But I did find it very interesting case that similar incident happened to me while I was growing up.

Hence I talked a bit too much.

have a good day


divya said...

hey we all do tht in are own way..we all question..don't we??

samrina said...

Shades of Twilight... first thnx for giving me a new nick 'Samri' :)
well true u stated if there wud b no 'why' then there wud b no improvement, no innovations, no changes,n so on. Thnx for ur words here :)

Tim... well first u dnt need to say sorry for anything infect i m really glad & appreciate that u shared your valuable views & experiences here & i guess thats for what we all are here for, dnt you think so?? :)

Now coming to your comment I wanna say that I do agree with your point of view & suggestions but I guess selection of a right person to ask our questions is also an important factor as sometimes people dnt wanna answer because by themselves they dnt have answers of our further why's(questions)as may be they dnt think that deeply or in that way, secondly it is also important that our mental frequency matches with that person because sometimes other party is not getting what we are asking him/her or may b we r not getting what he/she is trying to explain. Anyhow once again thanks a lot for ur words here :)

Divya... true we all do :) thnx for stopping by:)

Take care all.

life of pi said...

I think it shows a lot more character that you are curious and want to know about thing rather than simply taking it on face value.

samrina said...

Life of Pi.... ahan so what u think what that would be?? anyhow i agree you r right our one attribute reflects our many of other characters as well. Thanks for stopping by :)

Take Care

Timothy Tien said...

Hi Samrina

Yes you are right that we are here to share views and experience. Thanks for allowing me to do that.

From what you wrote you are a very smart and considerate person and I guess part of it is due to your constant drive in asking why???

Great to learn that there are still young people into painting in PK. Wish I could be there for the mind blowing exhibition. I know I'll be interested to see what painting and art in PK is like.

Best wishes

samrina said...

Tim... thanks a lot friend for your compliments & I welcome you to my visit my country & have a look at work of our artists here, I hope you gonna like it :)


Anitya said...

In my opinion, it's good to say 'why' before saying 'how' because when we say 'how', we may be looking for a quick way out. But when we say 'why', we're probably willing to go deeper and find out the 'how' ourselves.

just my thought.

EXSENO said...

I think it's a wonderful thing, without the word 'why', there would be no answers.
In my humble opinion why is a very important part of our vocabulary.

Id it is said...

After all isn't life about making sense of what surrounds us? Comprehending our reality and negotiating through it's twists and turns is basically what human life is about. The word 'why' is fundamental to our very existence. It is our ability to use that word to our benefit that sets us apart from the rest of creation.

Cergie said...

"Why" is a word I like to use too.
I'm sure that it is impossible to have only one answer for a question
More, there are not only one question to an answer.

samrina said...

Anitya... thanks a lot friend for sharing your views here, I do agree with your thoughts :)

Exseno... yeah of course 'why' is an important word in dictionary of any language, thanks a lot dear for adding your words :)

Id It Is... yeah 'why' is one of the main difference that differentiate us from other creatures because this word 'why' is the indication of thinking n using our brain n that leads to many other differences, thanks for sharing your precious views :)

Cergie... true you said sis there can be many answers to a question and many questions similarly for an answer, thanks for stopping by :)

Take care all.

Aridhi said...

Hi Samrina,
Thanks for visiting my blog :) I love the question "why". Especially when I relate this post that you have written, with your latest post about positive thinking, it's a great combination. I have a friend who asks questions all the time, and we have nicknamed her "Question Mark" but that is all in good humour, asking questions is always healthy if the intention is genuinely to find answers. God promises his seekers "Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you." Definitely encouraging!