Sunday, May 27, 2007


I got this beautiful poetry in a mail and I just loved it so here it is for all my bloggers, hope u gonna like it too..

I sat by a creek bank, just the other day
watching the water, carry a leaf away.

I thought to myself, is this the way life goes
it runs through my mind, no one knows.

You are here on earth, for just a little while
so learn to love and share a great smile.

People are many and friends are few
love and happiness, is being with you.

I thought about that leaf, as I watched it go
was it's purpose really served, I'll never know.

Then I thought about myself, holding my life steady
wondering when the river of life called, will I be ready.

Really can't answer that and I know it's true
but when I go, you know I'll leave loving you.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Writing after such a long time, got so many things in mind to write but anyhow I am really glad n happy to get back into the world of blogging that I really missed in passed few months.

Well we all have different reasons of writing blogs few of us write for fun, few to share there experiences, knowledge, art n specialties God gifted them, personal problems n so on…. Initially I have started writing blog just for fun and got nothing as such in mind that why I am writing but as time passed and specially the gap came in between make me realized the importance and value of it. I have learned a lot from here and realized many things about life and about myself too. I met several people here with great mind and I myself truly feel blessed that God bring me in interaction with such people with beautiful thoughts. I know I am not a good writer at all and very weak in communication skills but still whatever I have written here I always get loads of appreciation & positive comments on it and truly that worked for me as a motivator & make me write further more. At times when I was really down I got moral support from my blog friends that helped me a lot to come out of my depressions.

In life we are surrounded by so many people & things and sometimes we dnt realize there importance in our life but as they are been taken far from us we start missing them & start realizing their value in our life. So we should always be thankful to God for each & everything thing He bring to us because everything in this world holds some importance & its just a matter of realization.

Best Regards,