Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Writing after such a long time, got so many things in mind to write but anyhow I am really glad n happy to get back into the world of blogging that I really missed in passed few months.

Well we all have different reasons of writing blogs few of us write for fun, few to share there experiences, knowledge, art n specialties God gifted them, personal problems n so on…. Initially I have started writing blog just for fun and got nothing as such in mind that why I am writing but as time passed and specially the gap came in between make me realized the importance and value of it. I have learned a lot from here and realized many things about life and about myself too. I met several people here with great mind and I myself truly feel blessed that God bring me in interaction with such people with beautiful thoughts. I know I am not a good writer at all and very weak in communication skills but still whatever I have written here I always get loads of appreciation & positive comments on it and truly that worked for me as a motivator & make me write further more. At times when I was really down I got moral support from my blog friends that helped me a lot to come out of my depressions.

In life we are surrounded by so many people & things and sometimes we dnt realize there importance in our life but as they are been taken far from us we start missing them & start realizing their value in our life. So we should always be thankful to God for each & everything thing He bring to us because everything in this world holds some importance & its just a matter of realization.

Best Regards,



Cergie said...

Welcome back Samrina !

For me blogging allows travel all around the world and meeting awesome people having different culture and interrests and however being exactly like I am : person trying to meet and understand else and their own personnalities.

I like this post
Thank you having written it.

shades of twilight said...

thanks a lot for your comments...
i like the way you write..
take care

EXSENO said...

Hi Samrina,
So very nice to see you back! Very nice post.

samrina said...

Cergie... thnx alot sista besides u really got an interesting reason of blogging:)

Shades of twilight.... thnx for the appreciation & stopping by, hope to see u around :)

Exseno... thnx sis i m also glad to be back in the world of blogging :)

Takecare all.

Anitya said...

very well said about the realization, and welcome back.

samrina said...

Anitya... thnx for stopping by n for ur liking :)


Hope said...

thanks for your visit, I loved your threes list, I've taken a copy to post by my desk, a wonderful list indeed.

shades of twilight said...

thanks for visiting again..
take care...

Jasim A Basheer said...


I dont know why I blog. :) I write when I feel like, and what I feel like. At times it serves as my diary, and I hope to look back at it at a later date for fond remembrances.

And yes, it is most interesting to be able to read, comment and be commented by people entirely unknown to us. It helps to think that there is much more humanity outside our circle of intimacy too.

And, thanks for ur comments on my blog.

Hope to see you around.

Take Care.

Known Stranger said...

hi samrina.

for first time came to blog of yours. either i am good write i scribble. nice of you to leave a comment on my old scribbling young widow. Am travelling righ tnow. will go through your blog once i do with my travelling.

Silent Waves said...

Hi Sam, juz wanna say thnx 4 ur visit to my blog :).
and u have nice blog here, I will add u to my list;if u dnt mind :)

keep it up.

samrina said...

Hope... thnx for stopping by n liking my post hope u can have much here of ur interest :)

Shades of Twilight... thnx to u too :)

Jasim... nice reasons, thnx for ur words here :)

Known Stranger... thnx for ur visit here :)

Silent Waves... i liked ur blog too n sure it gonna b plessure to b in ur list :)

Take care all.

Id it is said...

Good to see you back!
Look forward to reading more of your posts.

samrina said...

id it is... thnx alot :)

take care