Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Independence Day!!

Whether its good or bad but reality is that we all love the land we belong to... no matter where we go.. where we live.. where we get settled down.. our nationality.. our country's name is always attached with us.. No matter how much we are far from our mother land but when we listen anything bad about our country we do feel bad.. we do feel the pain if anyone suffers in our country or if heard of any bomb blast or any such terrible news related to our mother land.... we get excited when we see our country's team winning any match.. our lips automatically start moving to pray for our players.. we can't control our tears if our country's team have to face failure in any match.. our heart beats with some special excitement when we hear anyone around taking our country's name... we all do want to see our country's name on top of the list.. that's all natural.. that's what we call concern, passion, patriotism and Love for our land, our country...
I belong to a country that comes under the list of third world countries.. where still we are struggling to get basic necessacities like electricity, clean water, n all... we have so many other problems... for world may be Pakistan stands no where or may be known as the country of terrorism.. but still with all these cruel realities.. we do exist.. Pakistan exist.. we do love our country.. and still we are trying.. n struggling to save the name and good will of the land we belong to... We all know the fact that nothing is perfect on this planet earth... good and bad is everywhere... so I accept my land gave birth to few people who dont worth even to be called humans.. they not only ruined the name of Pakistan but religion Islam as well... but still with this cruel reallity there is another reallity as well that there are people belong to this land who are among the most successful people in the world... whether its business, sports or any other field.. so with dark side there is a brighter side of the picture too... but still we are paying cost for being... just because of the few criminals belong to this land.. whole nation is suffering for those few wicked people... non of the religion favours terrorism, non of the country's laws allows terrorism and no one on this planet want to have unnecassary fights... we all do want peace n love... whether its Pakistanis, Indians, Americans or whoever... first we all are human... we all do breathe... we all have same basic needs.. I wish we stop discriminating.. we stop doing stereo typing... and stop judging and pointing out others rather try to help each other to improve n be better... rather then fighting for our country we should fight agaisnt people against world, humanity and people who are responsible for terrorism in this world..
Love for all..
Best Regards,