Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's Another New Year...
But for what reason is?

To all my near and dear ones,

We all are known with the fact that our lives are made up of a million different ways. All of us are searching for love, peace, and harmony. We all are struggling for something. There are always some challenges there to face in the life that keeps the charm a live and keep us moving ahead in life. So, I hope that the past year would have ended up for all of us with some great learning of life and memories to cherish in this up coming year. I just pray that all we have passed through in the past year 2010 will help us all to understand and grasp a higher meaning of life, to appreciate God’s gifts, and the strength to accept our faults.

I pray that we all may carry on forward with all that we achieved in the past year by practicing humility, absolute awareness, forgiveness and we can experience each day as a new with a fresh start. Just remember no day is better than today to mark a new beginning in our lives, with a promise to be better human being than the year before, in action, and in spirit.

  • I wish for all happiness, peace of mind, good health,
  • I wish success in all our personal life and in our careers...
  • I wish the vanishing of hard feelings among family and friends
  • I wish a strong faith to carry through the times that are hard for us all...
  • I wish lessons learned so that all of us will not make the same mistakes over and over again in life..
  • I wish the innocence of youth and the wisdom of maturity...
  • I wish Love, peace and honor for all of us in this life and the life to come.

Stay Happy, love life and enjoy…


Best Regards,


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Earning of Life...

We all own some moments, feelings, relationships, any achievement or anything else to cherish our entire life.. that happiness remains fresh forever with us... when we r down n kinda hopeless these earning of life bring us happiness, new hopes and gives us courage to dream on and move ahead in life with new energy...

Its not that hard to get these small but special moments and achievements..we all do have such special moments and feelings in life but its all just a matter of realization..rather then looking into what we have lost in life, if we just start counting on that what we have achieved and get in life..we will get numerous moments and feelings to cherish...Life is all about small things..if we start doing small things for ourself and others we can get lots of happiness in life..making your loved ones feel your love cannot only make them feel special but also get you the same return and happiness..relationships and true love is the true earning of life..that only can get you true and pure happiness today and also after life...

Just shared my views and thinking regarding life and true happiness...hope you guys will understand..and I would love if any of you like to share or add your views in this regard..:))

Best Wishes,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Before You..!

Before you Speak... Listen
Before you Write... Think
Before you Spend... Earn
Before you Criticize... wait
Before you Pray... Forgive
Before you Quit... Try

Best Regards,