Sunday, May 27, 2007


I got this beautiful poetry in a mail and I just loved it so here it is for all my bloggers, hope u gonna like it too..

I sat by a creek bank, just the other day
watching the water, carry a leaf away.

I thought to myself, is this the way life goes
it runs through my mind, no one knows.

You are here on earth, for just a little while
so learn to love and share a great smile.

People are many and friends are few
love and happiness, is being with you.

I thought about that leaf, as I watched it go
was it's purpose really served, I'll never know.

Then I thought about myself, holding my life steady
wondering when the river of life called, will I be ready.

Really can't answer that and I know it's true
but when I go, you know I'll leave loving you.


shades of twilight said...

thanks a lot...

Nabeel said...

Indeed, very beautiful poem. Loved the first verse.

Hope said...

this oem is very wise, I think I will copy it and post it at our camping spot by the river, and think of it next time I toss twigs in the river and watch them twirl thru the rapids ;)

Velu Nair said...

Wonderfully penned...
An elegant play with words, indeed...

Kudos to the author and to you who cared enuf to share..

samrina said...

Shades of Twilight... u r welcome :)

Nabeel... yeah it is, it's really a great work done by the author :)

Hope... oh! sure u shud :)

Velu Nair... thnx for ur sweet words Velu :)

Take care all.

shades of twilight said...

thanks for visiting again..and for sharing this lovely poem..
yes,i'm fine here..
take care,friend..!

Silent Waves said...

very nice poem,wid good msg in it.
thnx 4 sharing :)

EXSENO said...

What a lovely poem.

samrina said...

Shades of Twilight... u r welcome again n thnx to u too for ur visit :)

Silent Waves... i m glad that u liked it n understood the msg in it :)

Exseno... yeah it is, it's always good to see u around my friend :)

Takecare all.

Princess Banter said...

That was lovely indeed

Timothy Tien said...

Hi Samrina,

Thanks for your warm welcome message for me. Your reponse to my painting is important to me. thank you.

I read "life...." you posted, I read it, read it, read it more then 5 times. Tasting every bit of it.

Life, love and death are all condensed into the last paragraph. Beautiful peom.

Will be back to check on you


samrina said...

Princess Banter... i m glad u liked it, thnx alot for stopping by :)

Timothy Tien... thnx alot for ur words here, u r most welcome :)


Cergie said...

Beautiful poem, and yet I'll say that leaves will come back next spring on the tree
A human life is not exactly the same, baby, then adult then old person
Never life can be begun again...

shades of twilight said...

why no new posts..?
waiting to see more from you...
take care.. :)

samrina said...

Cergie... yea true u stated dear, i m glad that u liked it :)

Shades of Twilight.. thnx dear for stopping by, i have posted new post now check it out :)