Thursday, June 28, 2007


We all are known with the fact that both happiness and sadness are part of life but besides this reality of life this is also true that we human beings get depressed more easily and lose hope at small failures in life in comparison of getting happy & enjoying our achievements and success in life. It’s in human nature to look into the darker side of the picture first and think negatively that leads to depressions, loss of hopes, weakness and finally this result in further more failures in life.

I always use to think that whether happiness and sadness is in one’s control or not??? I thought a lot about it and have observed several people including my own self, various situations, read about it and have discussed this with several people around and the conclusion that I have made on the basis of all this is that 100% we can’t control this but yes to an extend this is in one’s own hands to be happy or depressed. The only thing that matters is our thinking that brings both problems and solutions in our life. I believe whatever happen in this world is with some purpose behind it and if we try to get and understand that reason we will never think negatively about it. We human beings have limited mental abilities and vision sometimes we can’t decide what is right or wrong for us, it’s only God who knows and can better decide for us. Sometimes we pray and effort a lot for something without knowing that whether this is right or wrong and when we dnt get it we get negative and depressed without thinking that may be that was wrong for us and God gonna bring us something much more better in place of it. Secondly sometimes God bring us failures to teach us lesson and make us stronger. I have lost my father in early ages of my life and whenever I miss him and feel depressed I always make myself remind that as I am a special person of God & He love me & trust me so He have selected me for this test and now I have to come up to His expectations and truly this thing help me a lot and take me out of depression.

Few days back I was reading Vincent Norman’s book ‘Power of Positive Thinking’ and in his book he have explained this very well with the help of different examples and true short stories. He wrote about a young sports man suffering from blood cancer breathing his last few breaths but he makes his team won match just because of his enthusiasm and positive thinking. Similarly he talked of several other true examples that helps us a lot to understand the importance and worth of positive thinking in our life.

Wish you all very best in life. Take care of yourself and all around.

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Silent Waves said...

True what u said here Sam, if u keep thinking negatively all the time u wont be able to overcome ur depression nor ur problems.

Cergie said...

Hi Samrina, that's good all what I read
You lost your father and you were strong, maybe you are happy enough to be welle surrounded
Your all familly was certainly a good help for you and a good ewample.
That's sure too that we are special, all of us
There is only one Samrina on the earth and only one Cergie who is the friend of this Samrina

I was posting my picture when you commentedcthis morning, now i transalted the text
I posted that picture for a photo challenge, that's important that every body can read it and the more easy to understand language is English

I'm soon going away from Cergy for a vacation of a few days...
Have a good day, Samrina

Martin said...

I agree with you that positive thinking really makes a lot of difference.

Thanks for stopping by at my blog!


samrina said...

Silent Waves... thanks a lot sis for understanding the post and for stopping by :)

Cergie... it's always good to hear from you dear n sweet friend and i am glad that you liked post. I am gonna recheck your blog and will read your post again. Good that you are going for vacations but I'll miss your posts sis:( anyhow i hope you'll b having a great time. Enjoy & stay happy :)

Martin... thanks alot for your visit and understanding. You are welcome :)

Take care all.

drips of paint said...

Hi Samrina,

Sori about your dad ..... you are blessed to have found a way to cope with life negative moment. May God and your positive attitude bear with you always in time of destitute.

Yes, failure is the process and lessons of dealt on it negatively is to deny life and to move on positively is gratitude to life.

Good post for thought!

samrina said...

Hi Tim,

Well thanks Tim for your prayers and liking & understanding my post and true you stated that failures are just to learn lesson and then we should look further with positive attitude and intension in life.

Take care

Rudi said...

Hi Samrina
I 'lost' my father this year, he was 85 years old and I always considered him to be indestructible. Now he has 'gone' and yet I still feel him near me. I'm not getting all flaky and spiritual, I honestly believe that every person that we come into contact with during our existence has an effect on us and the longer we are in their company the greater the effect, be it positive or negative. My Dad was one of the most energised people I've ever known and I still see him every single time I look in the mirror. I always try and surround myself with people who are positive about their lives and who can pluck the smallest piece of sunlight out of a cloudy day, their positivity rubs off on me and the bottle stays half full, instead of half empty....Stay happy.

Carol said...

Hi Samrina,
It is very nice of you to drop by and leave encouraging words and I do thank you for including me in your blog roll...Please drop by anytime..

I enjoy reading your posts..being positive does help with our daily thinking and atitude..

samrina said...

Rudi... well true you said no one can replace anyone, everyone have his/her own importance & value in our life and no matter whatever we have else in life that flaw or space cannot be filled up. No one can replace my father and memories cannot be separated from me now till my last breath. I'll miss him at each & every point of my life, whenever I am happy at any of my achievement or success or I am depressed I always feel him with me, I cant deny his need & importance in my life.

But friend what I wanna convey through my post is that positive thinking can give us strength to keep on going in life, this is true no one have to live forever and no one can get everything in life but dear I have seen people getting into depressions & spoiling their own and many others life related to him/her.

Anyhow thanks a lot for stopping by and sharing here.

May your father's soul rest in peace and may God give you & us all strength and positivity to face realities of life.

Take care

samrina said...

Carol... you are most welcome dear and I am glad that you liked post. Thanks for dropping by.

Hope to see you around :)

Take care

shades of twilight said...

this is really good, i liked a lot.. i love the way you select day to day,simple but very relevant topics to discuss.. keep it up,dear..!

EXSENO said...

I say if the burden is to hard to bare lay it in Gods hands and he'll take care of it. What is meant to be will be. We change what we can and leave the rest to a power bigger then us.

samrina said...

Shades of Twilight... thanks a lot sis for liking my posts, I'll try my level best to always come up to your expectations :)

Exseno... very true you stated dear, directly or indirectly everything is in God's hands without His help we cant do anything. Thanks for sharing your views :)

Take care

Anitya said...

I'm sorry to hear about your father. But I liked the way you looked at it; I'm sure that you're much stronger and as you said the god has now created these beautiful thoughts in your mind, and looking at your posts, I can see you perceive the things.
It's so true that the situation may not be in our hands, but the choice to be happy or sad depends upon us. You know I've one theory -'jumping happiness'. please do not laugh at it. May be I should also write a post on this inspired from you.

Take care samrina and keep on posting excellent stuffs like you do.

samrina said...

Anitya... its ok its a reality and i have to face it anyhow thanks a lot for liking my post that really raised my morale to write further, by the way nice theory haan :)

Hope you doing fine there.

Take care