Wednesday, July 04, 2007


In my view there are basically three main things around which one’s life revolves, that hold most importance in our life, which directs our life styles, that reflects from our habits & our routine. According to me these three things could be:

  • Religion
  • Relationships
  • Career/work

Religion plays a guidance role in our life that guide us how to live life, how to deal with our problems and routine matters, who to ask for help & whom to pray, and much more. So we can say that to an extend our religious teachings are reflected from the way we carry our life and things related to it.

Second comes are our relationships that make our life meaningful and beautiful. Love, care, respect, trust, our emotions, & feelings all are attached with them. This is a fact that no one can live happily in isolation, we all need each other. Our happiness is incomplete and meaningless unless we have someone to celebrate with us and similarly in pain or during our depressions we need someone for care, for sympathy, for love, etc. These are all things that are human needs and no one can deny it. These relationships are the real beauty of our life. I always use to believe in these golden words ‘money cannot buy you happiness’, so very true because our feelings whether happiness or sorrows are linked with our relationships.

Third thing that holds importance in our life is our work, our career, or our job. This is also one of the most important elements of life as it is the source that defines goal for your life, make you effort, brings you internal satisfaction, provides us financial support to fulfill our and our love ones needs, reflects from your life style, and much more.

I don’t know to what extend I am successful in writing all this infect I believe still I lack in many things which I need to improve. May be I’ve missed various relevant points that needed to be added to the post and this is also possible that many of you don’t agree with my point of view as this is all that I have written is based on my own priorities, my thinking and few of the observations. Anyhow I will appreciate if anyone of you feel like to make any correction or add your own thoughts.




Anitya said...

excellent post once again!
all the things you mentioned holds true but the priorities (or ranking?)might depend on individual or situation or timing or whatelse I can say other than I don't know :p

samrina said...

Anitya... yeah true may be priorities may differ. Thanks a lot once again for liking my post :)

Thanks for stopping by:)

Take care

drips of paint said...

Right on...these 3 essential ingredient for life ...strength, love, and pride are like daily vatamines.

Different people will have different ways of getting these essentials. What is important samrina is that you already know clearly where the source of yours are from....strength from religion, love from relationships and pride from accomplishment.

I think you are successsful in writing all this because it is a gift to share exactly what you believe in and that I think is what you have done communicating openly with your experience, your believes and your life with us.

peace will follow with openess understanding and acceptance.

calm and peace to you


samrina said...

Hi Tim,

Very true strength, love, & pride are the three essentials of life different people have different sources to get these in life, thanks for summarizing my post in a much better way :)

Thanks a lot dear for your appreciation that's really so meaningful and raised my morale to write further besides I visited your another blog as well today and I am truly impressed with your way of writing there:)

Hope you are doing fine.

Take care

Carol said...

Hi Samrina,

I Liked your post. I think what my life is centered around Is God, my family and my friends.. and what holds them all together is love and respect. I think you have given a good example about relationships.

Thank you for being so faithful and dropping by, always appreciate you comments..:)

floots said...

i would go a step further and say that when those relationships are sound then the other two will fit inas required by belief and circumstance
(but i'm a happy misanthrope so who'd believe me) :)
thanks for looking in

Id it is said...

Love, understanding, and pursuit of knowledge: I hold these three as the basis for life. I think the three make for a life that is both meaningful and peaceful.
I am a believer alright, but religion has become too divisive in recent years for me to give it a priority. There are too many strifes and misunderstandings caused by it.

samrina said...

Hi Carol,

I am honored sis that you liked post and agreed to my views, thanks for stopping by and adding your words here.

It's always pleasure to visit your blog dear :)

Take care

samrina said...

Hi Floots,

Thanks for adding your views to the post :)

Hope to see you around.

Take care

samrina said...

Hi Id it is,

Well the three things you mentioned that holds importance for you in life are of course so very important and about religion thing though that is your personal matter but still being a friend I would like to say that you better try to clear whatever confusions you have and try to spare time to get knowledge & details about it.

Lots of prayers and best wishes.

Take care

Ashish said...

I have different take on your post. Fully agrreing that the three things you mentioned are very important in life, I feel that these three things are only means for any human being to fulfill his stomach need and biological needs.

Anyway, it was nice reading your post and you express your thoughts quite well. Keep it up.

EXSENO said...

I think you did very well, I wouldn't add a thing.

samrina said...

Hi Ashish,

Well thanks that you agreed with the 3 things that i listed or talked of in my post but you didn't mentioned in your comment what could be other human needs besides??

Welcome at my blog and thanks for adding your views.

Take care

samrina said...

Hi Exseno,

Thank you so much dear friend for your appreciation that's really so meaningful :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Take care