Friday, July 06, 2007


floots said...

very true :)
great words and a beautiful pic
did you take it

Anonymous said...

this magical ...thanks for ur visit


samrina said...

Hi Floots,

I am glad that you liked it but I didn't took the pic :( .... :)

Hope you r fine.

Take care

Hi Nasra,

Thanks for your visit too dear :)

Hope to see you around.

Take care

Princess Banter said...

How very true!!!

samrina said...

Hi Princess,

Thanks for your visit and words here.

Hope you r fine.

Take care

Hakunmatata said...

This is very nice qoute.

magiceye said...

well said! lovely pic too!

hope u r fine too! have a great weekend!

samrina said...

Hi Hakunmatata,

Glad you liked it, thanks for your visit :)

Take care

Hi Magiceye,

Yeah it is, it's my pleasure that you liked something at my blog :)

Thanks I am fine & hope you too. Have a nice weekend you too.

Take care

drips of paint said...

sometime I like to play it soft, sometimes I play it hard, it is true they came out different, depends on how I play.

Then along the way I kind of realised the most important is simply to play even not knowing how and magically their is guardian from ..????? like a bee knows what attract it inorder to fufill its soul.

samrina said...

Hi Tim,

Thanks a lot friend for such a deep & lovely explanation of the quote, agreed 110% :)

Hope you are fine there.

Take care

Carol said...

so very the pic too

samrina said...

Hi Carol,

Thanks & glad you liked it :)

Take care

Janice Thomson said...

A gorgeous pic Samrina with perfect words to match.

samrina said...

Hi Janice,

Glad that you liked it.

Take care

Cergie said...

This flower looks like me (I'm a daisy) and yet it is not le
It is a "Rudbeckia"

I totally aggree with this sentence. I cannot play piano, however I can try to live as well as possible

Samrina, I'm back for a moment however, I'm there and here, I'm travelling through all France, so I'm a bit aver booked
Now I must go

You know, remenmber I've another blog

You came and visited me there yet in the past

On this blog I sometimes explain what I do
And I post more ofren there and not only pictures

On "Passerelle" I don't write, I just publish pictures