Monday, June 18, 2007


I always use to think that what can bring us true, deep internal happiness and then to get the answer I have started observing & evaluating my own self first and then others. I don’t know to what extend I am right or wrong in writing this but today I am writing this post on the basis of my observations and views about types of people in this world, what can bring us true internal happiness and lots more at the back of my mind while writing this.

Basically there are two types of people in this world one ‘Career Oriented people’, people who value most their career, work, job, money, etc most in life and another type of people that exist in this world can be called as ‘Domestic people’ or ‘Family Oriented people’, people fall in this category value more their relationships, their feelings, love, etc in their life.

According to my observations people who value most their career, money, work, etc in life do achieve their career related goals and seems to be successful people in the eye of the world but in most of the cases I have seen that they are not happy and satisfied internally because while running after their career oriented goals & money they ignored & lost their relationships with whom they can share their success, their happiness, their failures, and their depressions. By this I don’t mean at all that other type of people I talked of i.e. domestic or family oriented people are the happiest people in this world but unless you have anyone around to share your feelings with, your happiness, your success everything is meaningless. Yes people will appreciate you, come for a time being to celebrate with you your success but at the end of the day you will be alone especially I have seen in case of failures mostly people are left alone. In such situation only your close relationships, people who truly love and care you are there to give you their shoulder to cry at, to wipe your tears and give you courage & moral support to move further in life.

Being career oriented is not a bad thing but here I talked of extreme cases, in my view both should be kept in balance in life infect relationships should be given more importance and value in life then of career because our all career related success is meaningless unless we have our love one’s to share our feelings & success.

Hope you all are doing fine in your life.




Cergie said...

I read your now post very carefully. I was a woman who preferred to not have a job instead I could because I have an architect diploma. I worked as an architect until my first child was born. And then never more. Or the moment my children no more need having a mother. For the moment they are young adult, I must find something else to full my life. So I found first gardening. It was not enough because it was impossible to discuss with my flowers. I can speak to them but they never answer. Then I began blogging. Photographs. I was happy that because I’m still an architect I managed to have not so bad pictures. And I manage to have them beautifuller every day.
I like to write posts exactly like you do to explain my feelings or my experiences. And I have now many blog-friends. That’s fine. I’m not interested with money. I’m just interested with beauty and friendship.

Have a nice day, Samrina...

magiceye said...

well said Samrina! The perfect balance is what all should strve for in all walks of life...

Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words... do drop by often..

floots said...

as magiceye (and you) said
it's about balance
though nowadays i do as little work as possible :)
thanks for visiting and letting me see your site

Princess Banter said...

But what if you're both -- or worse, what if you're none of the above? Where does that place you?

drips of paint said...

Hi Samrina

Like your quote by H Keller on your last post:

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart"

I guess it sums up as to what true deep internal happiness really feel like.

However it is so true that each person has their own way of pursuing "happiness". We are who we are and I do not have the answer either. Sometimes a balance is called for between career and family but most including myself are not able to achieve this ideal, but then many others do succeed.

You are presenting us the 2 extreme as you mentioned, so this do open up a lot of thought.

You said..." all career related success is meaningless unless we have our loved one to share our feeling & success"

So true, I guess this will be consider as one kind of " ...cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart"

Timothy Tien

Carol said...

I liked how you expressed this post.. And thankyou for dropping by mine, and leaving nice comments.You are welcome anythime.

Anitya said...

It is much complicated and almost an impossible task to categorise the people but many does this for simplification, and is sometimes very necessary too and many actually fall into these categories. But unfortunately, there're some odd ones; in your case, the one like me who doesn't fall into any category :p

shades of twilight said...

i liked this.. very true, in every woman's perspective.. but one thing we must keep in mind is that 'balance' shouldnt be a synonym of 'sacrifice'... i notice, that the time our loved ones need us will exactly be the same time of our maximum productivity.. the years when we are young, mature and well prepared to deliver our best.. but women are forced to 'sacrifice' a lot in the name of 'balancing' between home and career... and once all our responsibilities are well settled, it will be too late.. all these happen only in a WOMAN's life, allover the world, turning the whole world into a male oriented, male dominated, patriarchal one..
i think i talked too much..!
hope u r doing fine..
take care,friend..!

Rahul said...

Balance...but how?? It's easier said than done...specially when we have been brought up since being kids to compete, all the time looking at where others are, how they are moving up in life etc.......I agree with the earlier comment, this balance sometimes means implicit, unstated sacrifice.........give up some of your goals, for we don't need that to be happy, we will survive...

One aspect that needs to be recognized is that at least for some people, giving up certain choices in ones career, or forcing them to devote less time and effort on a career when they really want to succeed can be as spiritually damaging and devastating as the opposite case of your loved one ignoring you for their career......

How does one give up career goals for love?? or give up family for career goals?? one is never faced with a stark choice but with a multitude of small decisions and slowly but imperceptibly all of us lean towards one or the other.....I really wish we could have both, but many times life does not offer very easy choices to us.....

anyway, very nice post and a very, very relevant topic.....

samrina said...

Cergie... i always use to think of u as an idealistic women and today i can say this for sure that yes you are. You have a balanced life with a very positive approach. May God always keep you surrounded by beauty and your love ones :)

U too have a nice day n life dear sis :)

Magiceye... you are most welcome and thanks for your visit and sharing your views here :)

Floots... thanks a lot for your visit here and your words here :)

Princess Banter... well i dnt think there is any other option, what you think?? Thanks for stopping by :)

Tim... thanks a lot friend for understanding the post and adding your views to it. Well true its hard to have a balanced life but still at least we can try at least to have it. Wish you all the best in life dear friend :)

Carol... thanks a lot for your courageous words, yea definitely i m gonna visit ur blog soon again :)

Anitya... well friend i have just shared my views on the basis of my limited observations & thinking,anyhow you are right its hard to categorize people, it was just an attempt and i dnt know to what extend i have succeeded in it. Thanks for stopping by :)

Shaded of Twilight.. yea true you stated sis, i m glad that u liked the post and understand my point in it. Yeah Alhamdulillah i m fine here and hope you too :)

Rahul... thanks alot Rahul for sharing your views and i do agree with whatever u stated in ur comment and i do accept that this is not that easy to have this balance. Anyhow thanks a lot for your visit and liking the post :)

Thanks & Take care all