Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Sometimes its really hard to express our true feelings in words though I always beleive that true feelings never need words to be expressed but still I guess world need an expression and words are important sometimes because not everyone can understand you or knows what you got in your heart. Anyhow I have again started my philosophy here, actually I am just trying to express my gratitude for all the care and concern of my blog friends. I am truely grateful to Allah for bringing me so many loving and caring people around. I wish could also be able to come upto the expectations of all around me.

Once again my deep thanks for God and all of you for all your sweet words at my blog. Hope our all relationship will grow with time. Lots of prayers and best wishes for all of you. Take very good care of yourself and all around you. Lets us all together take our steps towards the friendship and peace in the world.

Best Regards,



Cergie said...

Why do I love you, dear Samrina ?
The reason is that you are never absolutly sure
Life is not a complete certitude, there is always doubt in every think
Who can say, who can consider ? Only God, only Allah can do that
You try to do your best and you know best is difficult
I'm thinking the same: I'm never sure, I try just to do my best

Anonymous said...

Very best of wishes...

Anonymous said...

I wish u all the best in ur life & I hope things are on mend at ur end :)
Smiles !!!

Stay Beautiful...!!

samrina said...

Cergie.... thanks alot Cergie for all ur sweet words, I agree with watever u stated here about life dear :)

Kuan Gung... thnx alot friend :)

Sugarlips... yeah things r fine at my end sis, i m grateful of all ur words here at my blog, i ewish u too very best of luck in life sis :)

Takecare all.

Human said...

Counting my Blessing. You are One.

Sorry I have not been around much.
My machine crashed, so I'm at the Library.

Kepp smiling upon the World, Dear Child of God.


EXSENO said...

I think you express your self very well. I wish the same as you friendship and peace in the world. Wouldn't it be wonderful.

samrina said...

Human... i can understand dear friend so u dnt need to say sorry for anything but its always been great to hear from u, ur words always make me feel special. Thanks alot for everything I m truely grateful to God for bringing me U sort of friends around :)

Exseno... Exseno you know you are my morale booster :), ur words always give me strength to write and express my thoughts. I m glad we got same perception, yeah its wonderful :)

Takecare n Thanks alot :)

Tim Rice said...

Thanks for expressing your appreciation. There's something about verbalizing one's feelings that is dear to one's heart.

And thanks for stopping by my blog.

no one said...

Aww samrina..thats a really sweet post...well thanks to you too for coming over to my blog ...:) take care :) see ya

Lucy MacDonald said...

Hello Samira
You have an post called Five Ways to Stay Positive in a Negative Word dated Apri 27th that was written by me. Would you kindly add my name to the article or remove if from your blog.
Thank you.

samrina said...

Lucy Mcdonald.... well sir i got this in a forward mail in which author was not mentioned, anyhow i m thankful that u make me known with the author's name. I m sorry for all the inconvineance but thing is that watever i place at blog is whatever i feel is right and i beleive in. Its just a place where we all can share our views about different aspects of life, its a place to gain knowledge and its a place to learn from others experience and share ours. Though i didnt wrote those points by myself but still friend i do beleive and think same thats why i shared it here without having any intentions to take the title , honestly thats not my goal here. Anyhow i m sorry and as u mentioned now that u r the author so i glad to associate these points with your name and if u want me to delete it from my blog then do let me know I ll.

Thanks for the correction and i do appreciate for writting such great, thoughtful points.


Precise Guy said...

Hi, I agree with u that feelings never needs words to be expressed but sometimes it causes confusions for others, as when we hide ourselves from others & live in our own shell & never allow anyone to enter in it but on other hand we still want that others know what we have in our mind or heart for them then I think it is not a practical approach. Sometimes we need to be expressive so show or to make others to feel that what we have in our heart for them otherwise we face misunderstandings & not able to achieve our goals. I also agree that God is there to help us out but my dear blogger have you heard this famous quote that “God helps those who help themselves”. Be Happy & Take Good Care of Yourself See U

Cergie said...

Hi ! Samrina,
I can cee you published a test post
I'm happy, it's the sign you will soon come back...