Thursday, October 18, 2012


Brian Miller said... is too short not to love and live....

hope you are having a great week sam

Sam!! said...

Hi Brian,

Thanks for such a quick response..:)

Yea am having a great time n hope you enjoying your days too..:)

Best Wishes,

Valerie said...

Very true words. Brian is right, life is too short not to love. Happy Friday, Sam.

BamaTrav said...

Hope you have a great weekend Sam. XOXO

Magyar said...

in the rains
that start tomorrows flower
todays smile

__Good wishes Sam!

Lorraine said...

there's a cancer in me that has a name and I want it out...but because of him I got sicker and my cat died, I have no acceptance of life right now I'm angry at the Universe that they didn't at least have my sweetest cat die in my arms I feel no peace, not now, not for a while but I know somewhat somehow I will get there, I always do, thanks for your words they may help me sooner

Frieda said...

These are beautiful words of wisdom... so true.
Have a wonderful weekend.