Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just a thought....

Life is not consistent & certain, everyone have to face good and bad, happiness and sadness in life. Its also true that happy moments are very few in our lifes in comparison of the sad or traggic ones but if we are strong enough and optimistic than we can handle and face anything in life easily. But sometimes in life we get tired and it becomes really hard to keep ourself positive. I always talk of hopes n positive thinking but me myself sometimes alos get tired and it becomes really hard for me to follow my own rules. We all are aware of what is right and wrong, we all know we should be optimistic and look into the brighter side of anything, etc. etc.... but still we all need to hear this from others and seek for moral support at times in life. I know i repeat many things at my blog known to all of us but still i guess we all need a reminder of it to freshen up all this in our minds. I dnt know to what extend i am successful in it but i am satisfied that atleast i attempt and tried to make myself plus others as well to be positive and hopeful with all the realities and cruel facts of life.

Loads of prayers and best wishes for all my fellows, stay healthy and smiling:) :)

Best regards,


S A L Z said...

Yes sam, i do agree with you...repeating lessons learned is the key to success in every walk of life and surely you are doing what you can to make and strengthen people beliefs in all aspect of life.
Smiles to u too :)
take care and its always been pleasure reading ur posts.

EXSENO said...

I hope you are feeling alright. You don't seem happy today. I pray for your happiness and peace of mind. You have a lovely blog and such wonderfully enjoyable posts.
You make many people think and feel good. Take care.

Asma said...

very true sam ...........sometimes it really happens,i m also optimistic and strong but sometimes get tired..need someone to talk to...wanted someone else to take my burden but feel much much better when i leave all my problems to ALLAH.......take care dear and lots of prayers for u.

samrina said...

Salz... thankyou so much my friend, ur words always boosts my morale and it always been gud to hear from u:)

Exseno... thnx alot my friend for ur sweet words and concern, yeah i m bit down n depressed now adays but ur words really helps alot:)

Asma... yeah very true u said sis, me too always share with Allah(my only best friend) all my secrets n burdens and honestly speaking it always works:) :)

Thanks again all of you.

Takecare all.

Cergie said...

I just think, as Exseno do, that you may have some problems now.

However, what's difficult to understand is that during wars for instance, when its necessary to fight for surviving people are more strong. One can notice than often depressed persons have no reason to be so...

JamesBright said...

Unfortunately that is very true. The ups and downs in life is there waiting for everyone!
I also have the same problem and I believe everybody have the same cycles in their life too.
It very nice of you to say this here and I am sure that will give you a great amount of relief.
Nice post.
Be happy and take care.

Kuan Gung said...

We live the life of hope...the greatest virtue...thank you

bablu said...

Thanx for your wishes Sam and do stay positive and spread the smiles.

samrina said...

Cergie... very true u said my friend sometimes we dnt have reasons to be depressed or may b we r unknown of them. But anyhow ts all are part of life, one have to face happiness n sadness both in life. May God give us all strength to face the realities n cope up with any situation in life:)

James Bright... yeah my friend your all words here helped me alot in getting releif & true u said we all have to face such situations in life. May God helped u out too n rest all of us:)

Kuan Gung... very true u stated there, thnx to u for stopping by n ur words here:)

Bablu... my best wishes n prayers are always there for all my fellows so no need to say thnx :) Thnx for ur advices i'll try to be:)

Thnx alot all of u for ur concern n care thats so meaningful n effective:)

Takecare all.

Writer's Creek said...

I agree with your view 100%. Reassuarances form the essence of life, as some say.

Keep up the wisdom, girl!

take care, salams:)

samrina said...

Writter's Creek... thnx alot sis ur words always matter for me, glad to hear from you:)


Kuan Gung said...

I recline in solitude to meditate, clear and refresh the mind...we need to get rid of that busy stuff... ;)