Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What I Prefer...!!
Well one of my blog fellow have listed at his blog few things that he prefers in life and asked others as well to share their preferences too. I really liked the list so rather than listing there at his blog I am listing down here with some additions my prefernces to share with you all too, hope u all gonna like it and add yours too to it :) :). So here it goes:
  • Love over Hate
  • Peace over Violence
  • Winter over Summers
  • Coffee over Tea
  • Sweet over Sour
  • Listening over Speaking
  • Smile over Cry
  • White over Black Colour
  • Chinese over Continental food
  • Casuals over Formal
  • Four wheeler over Two wheeler
  • Death over Slavery
  • Internal Beauty over External Beauty
  • Sitting alone or with a friend infront of a sea over Going to a Party
  • Simplicity over Fashion

Ok now I am tagging Khurram, James Bright, Asma, Cergie, Gaurav, Writter's Creek & rest others are also offered to take the tag :)


Human said...

I really like your list.

Mine -
An open hand instead of the clenched fist.

Empathy over Sympathy.

An ever fulfilling soul over ignorance.

Lose over never having.

True aid. Not bombs.

Sorry you saw those pics my friend. They were not intended for your gentle soul. However so many do need to see.


Trailady said...

I prefer:

Tea over coffee
Peace instead of conflict
Spirituality above religion
Comfort over style
My soul needs to be fed more than my stomach
Light beyond darkness
Hope above doubt
Courage over fear
Laughter is better than tears

JamesBright said...

Yes Samrina, I will take the tag very soon.
I am fine and hope the same with you too.

EXSENO said...

That is a wonderful list. You have a beautiful mind, as always.

Cergie said...

Thanks my friend for "m'avoir donne votre amitie" (friendship)
Difficult for me sometimes to express my emotion specially with English words !!!
Your post is a good idea. It's cool. But I think I could not do that: to day I like coffe, to morrow I'll prefer tea and so on !
However, what is sure: I don't like summer at all !

Champ - Love Hound said...

OO My Holy God!!!! You tagged me, I think you 're also now a victm of Tagmania. LOL!

I loved your list. It shows what type person is sittin' inside you. Really loved it.

I posted somethin'. do check it.


Anonymous said...

nbnnvnbvnbvnbvn checking out how it publishes. first time visit na is liye

Anonymous said...

Mine is:-

samrina said...

Human... its always been lovely to hear from u my friend... thnx for liking the list, must say ur's that u stated here much more impressive n better than of mine :)
Anyhow well u dnt need to say sorry for anything i have courage to face the reality though its so cruel n painful but my friend cowards close their eyes n hesitate to face the facts n truth. I m also a part of this world n nothing is hidden, yeah i cant do much but still i can pray atleast n that i always do. May God help us all n bring u success in ur mission my friend:)

Trailady... thnx alot sis for sharing here ur preferences beleive me its just great :)

James Bright... friend u r free, whenever u got time u can take the tag, no time limits:)

Exseno... thnx alot friend for such a lovely comment :)

Cergie... no problem my friend i can understand , thnx for ur kind words here :)

Champ... :) well actually i was really inspired by u so... u know... :) :)
Anyhow thnx alot for liking it, hope to see ur list soon:)

Takecare all.

Gaurav Jain said...

Hello Samrina,

I really liked the list you have given. Mine is almost identical, with just a few changes. I'll post them on my blog soon.


Tim Rice said...

You came up with a really great list here. May life bless you greatly.

samrina said...

Gaurav... thnx friend n i'll b waiting for ur list:)

Ttim Rice... glad u liked it and thnx alot for ur wishes, same for u:)

Takcare both.

Asma said...

sorry sam i see ur list now , i was little busy i m taking ur tag and post it soon on my blog.....*smiles*

samrina said...

Asma... thnx dear i gone through ur post as well :)


ammini said...

I like your list.