Thursday, August 03, 2006

What is Love..??
Well one of my blog friend Khurram posted a post at his blog regarding ‘Love’ and asked a question that ‘What is true Love?’ So I am sharing my views and thoughts regarding this most beautiful feeling Love here and want you all too to add your valuable thoughts here regarding the topic.

There are many other feelings or emotions that are been associated with Love and most of us think that this is love but in actual it is not. For example:

· If you love some one because you think that he or she is really gorgeous ....then it's not love .. it's "Infatuation"
· If you love some one because you think that you shouldn't leave him/her because others think that you shouldn't ... then it's not love.. it's "Compromise"
If you love some one because you cannot leave him/her thinking that it would hurt his/her feelings .. then it's not love .. it's "Charity"
If you love some one because you share every thing with him/her ... then it's not love... it's "Friendship"

But if we talk of Love than this is something superior and much much more of all these. Love is a feeling that makes life more meaningful. One’s love can be his/her strength, it can be a motivational tool, it can be one’s power, and many more…..

True Love is when you feel the pain of the other person more than him/her even when he/she is stable and you cry for him/her, Love is when you get attracted to other people but stay with him/her without any regrets, and Love is when you are ready to do anything for that person without even thinking for a second. There can be much more that can be added to define true love because we all have different perceptions, experiences and way of thinking but still Love is a feeling that we all need, that we all desire, and it is a feeling that we all owns in any means. Its true
“Love is life” so let us all spread Love on this planet, our home Earth :) :)


Crashdummie said...

The pessimist in me says that "Love is an illusion" and a thing that differs from a fool to another. But yet deep inside I know that Love is all around us, so pure, so innocent, in so many different shades – we just need to open our eyes.

So thank you for sharing your love for Love with us!


Tim Rice said...

To me, love is more than a feeling; it is a commitment to a person that one holds true to through thick or thin.

No One said...

would I just ruin your entire post by is a misunderstanding between two fools...:S....hope not :)...can't help it...have given up on love a long time ago...:) see ya.

JamesBright said...

I do not know how to define love.
But it is a feeling of closeness and togetherness.
It is a feeling that shows the way in front of us and without that we can't survive..!
Thanks for sharing the thought.
BTW, I am doing the tag very soon.
Please do not feel bad.
Take care,

V N said...

Am reminded of Mother Teresa's words, that There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread.


Champ - Love Hound said...

Sam Dear! I think you 've defined 'Love' in best way. Love sure is life that everyone of us wanna live in our own way.


Sugarlips said...

When you have nothing left but love..then for the first time you become aware that love is enough.

Its a beautiful feeling & Love is not love if it is conditional.

I so agree with you "Love is Life" :)

Stay Beautiful..!

JamesBright said...

I did the tag.
Kindly see it.

suga said...

Love is only true between..

A mother and a child..

Allah and his servants...(us)

Rest of the love really is just an illusion...

Hw r ya sis???

Gaurav Jain said...

Thanks Samrina.. for a wonderful post on love!!


SALZ said...

Nice post sam, once again :)
People define Love in many ways...
For me Love can be charity, friendship, kinship, Compromisation, infatuation..etc etc HOW ??? let me explain :
If u sincerely think about your own LOVES...u'll notice that every love u have whether True or Not, with anybody includes all these qualities or features either from one or both people being in love...
like True Lovers are True friends also...dont u think they can achieve this by not being true friends !!! ???


Love between Mother and Child is TRUE LOVE...y ???
Mother satisfies almost every possible need of his children more than anybody could ever do...and Mother gets the feeling of motherhood, pride, satisfaction and sense of achievment in return. Even though if child got spoiled she still considers her as a part of her (motherhood) and always hope for a bright change...Anyway this discussion is endless..but i hope whoever reads got what i meant...;)

Sam there's a point for you also..i hope u got it...if u still disagree..i better discuss with u directly :)
Stay happy and keep pinching us ;)

Nabeel said...

true love is when ... well it's too complex to explain .. true love is the most beautiful thing .. true love is .. can't be describe in words .. true love is when the other person is your whole world .. and the other person doesn't live in your heart but is your heart !

bablu said...

Now I know whats love. Thanx 4 enlightening :) My search starts now ;)

samrina said...

Dear Bloggers,

Thanks alot all of you for all your appreciation and adding your thoughts here.

Hope you all doing fine.

Takecare all.

Trailady said...

I very much enjoyed this post as I often write about love. Love to God, Love for others and how to love ourselves. You have expressed some great truths here. Thank you.

Am I allowed to quote you on this, Samrina??

Anonymous said...

Trailady... really glad u liked it, yeah i red ur post related to the topic n i left my comment there as well n i think urs was much better than of mines:) anyhow u dnt need to take any permission my frienfd for anything u r free to quote :)