Monday, August 07, 2006

When the door of happiness closes,
another one opens;
but often times we look so long
at the closed door
that we don't see the one
which has been opened for us.
Don't dwell on the past when things go
Look for the opened doors all around you!


EXSENO said...

Amen, I do so agree with that.

Sugarlips said...

You narrated "Helen Keller" beautifully :)

Thats true often it takes time to look at the new door which is opened for us...why it takes long? sometimes situations make us deranged.

I read this somewhere & wanted to share with u :)
Happiness is something that comes into our lives through doors we don't even remember leaving open.

Stay Beautiful..!

Tim Rice said...

Excellent advice - now if we all would practice that this world would become a better place for all of us.

samrina said...

Exseno... glad that u agreed my friend, thnx for stopping by :)

Sugarlips.... thnx alot sis for the appreciation & true u said sometimes situations n circumstances r so worst & confusing that we cant see the other ways out n other options available. Thnx for sharing such a beautiful & so true thought here :)

Tim Rice... true my friend if u all gonna follow n practice this this world gonna be a happy place.
Thnx for ur words :)

Takecare all.

Cergie said...

Yes, of course, as always you're right.
Only hen does not go round wall.
Did you notice how fly collides with the window when bee ever finds fresh air to fly away ?

V N said...

how true! it often happens that as one searches around the mess that has been created by lost opportunities, one forgets to move on and lead a life thats worthy of change!


Nabeel said...

hmmm .. this is soo true .. such a beautiful quote and i am glad that sugarlips mentioned the writer .. the famous Helen Keller .. a person I have always admired .. she was pregnant with knowledge, motivation, wisdom and kindess.

Nabeel said...

awwwwwwwww @ sugarlips mentioned such a beautiful quote .. yuppp .. happiness comes quitely and u dont even know it .. so one should be grateful to God if they achieve happiness no matter in what form .. and the best happiness is in the form of Love .. !

samrina said...

Cergie... dear friend yeah this so true but these r Hellen Kellers words not mine i liked n beleive in it so i placed it at my blog to share with u all. Yeah i got ur point wat mean to say :)

Velu Nair... thnx for stopping by and adding ur thoughts here yeah true u said we shud keep ourself hopeful n positive if we miss one opportunity that doesnt mean that this is the end of world.

Nabeel... yeah i m so thankful to Sugarlips for mentioning the name of Hellen Keller as i was also unaware of it, i just read it somewhere i liked n beleived in it so share here with all of u plus i m also thankful to her for sharing such a lovely quote here. Thnx for ur words:)

Takecare all.

No One said...

cute :) thanks for sharing.

samrina said...

No One... u r most welcome sis , glad u liked it:)


Trailady said...

Very Nice and SO true! I liked this so much that I have added it to my collection of favorite quotes. Did you write this, or do you know who wrote it so I can give proper credit?

samrina said...

Trailady... well friend sorry i didnt mentioned in the post as i was also unknown with the author but one of my friend mentioned here in comments so its Hellen Keller's thought though i was inspired by it so placed it at my blog to share with u all. So Hellen is the right person whom u shud give the credit my friend :)