Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Don't worry... be Positive!!

Positive thinking is one of the main key for a successful, happy, healthy life. People who are positive and live thier life 'in the moment' are really lucky. So if you can stop worrying about what you've done in the past,and stop worrying about how your actions will affect your future...then you will open yourself up to all sorts of positive events and people that the 'new' you will encounter.Everyone has to worry...but you must try only to worry about what you (and only you) have direct control over.Worry about anything else outside of that...and you will probably be worrying about something that may never even happen.

Nobody has the 'perfect life' and everyone has the ability to manage the positives and negatives in their lives. So its in our own hands to not to let the negatives on top of us...otherwise they will just overtake the positives - and we will be constantly miserable as a result.

So always be positive & happy :)


Salz said...

Sam very right you are...yes indeed the best way to kill all ur worries is to be postive.
Some one said once "Most folks are about as happy as they
make up their minds to be"
so it all adds up in your head...the more positive thinker you are the more control you will have in your life.
Smiles and Regards to u dear friend :)

Jasim said...

Hi Samrina..

Been to ur blog.. Good work. Keep going..

I think you are reading too much of Inspirational books (Norman Vincent Peale?) :)

My dad had this habit of referring to postive attitude, self-esteem .. whenever there arose even a remote occasion of doing so..

But it is easy to say than do.. Most people whom I've seen are either Positive, Netural, or damn negative. Whatever we talk into their head, they are what they are. Its really hard to change your attitudes.

But I like to call myself a positive guy, I think my being negative are very rare.. I have a too damn no-care attitude about life.. (but except in the case of relationships.. they depress me a lot..)

Warm Regards

Wriju said...

One of those things that are so easy to realize, but so hard to implement :-)
Thanks for your comments on my blog.

Pavan said...

Staying positive all the time and seizing that positivity forever is all a metter of choice....There would be a hell lot of negativity in one's life but like they say that every cloud has a silver lining and we human beings are to find it everytime we get stuck!...

arz hai...

Manzil mile na mile , milney ka gam nahi
Manzil ki talash mein mera karvan rahega.....

-Blessed us all be!

Nabeel said...

easy said than done ..

Cergie said...

Who sang "don't worry, be happy" ?
I dont remember.

I never worry, dear, but I'm not so happy !
Be happy, my friend !

phaixxa said...

i love u for writing this post:-)

Blue Sky said...

hello sorry i have not had the chance to make it around to any of my favorite blog latly. It is nice to see you doing well, I like it when i see you come to my blog you always have the most positive comments. thank you for all your kind words. hope all is well with you and expect to see me around more often. things are finaly starting to slow down for me here.

Champ - Love Hound said...

Samrina Dear! I 've an idea. Wll there 're many institutes out there, like "Yoga Center" "Jeevan Mokti" "Soul Home". Well they all work for one cause, givin' human mind som peace. Well, you should start one like that.

I don't get depress but bein' a human sometimes I do feel such things, but it happens rarely. Thankyou for your kind words.


EXSENO said...

So true. Better not to dwell on things that one can not do anything about.

No One said...

great post! needed to read that...anyways how are you doing? supp? take care alrighty...see ya :)

Trailady said...

This is true, but difficult to do when your heart is breaking...

Sometimes sadness or tragedy is so overwhelming as to bring a feeling of hopelessness. It is then that we need to encourage and uplift the fallen one and help them see that life will get better someday.

I have always found such encouragement here on your blog and I thank you for it. :o)

samrina said...

Hi to all,

I m sorry i m not replying everyone separately due to shortage of time rite now but i m really pleased n glad to read all ur comments here.

My deep thanks to everyone. Hope to see u all around:)

Takecare all.