Sunday, January 01, 2006

A Wonderful Resolution for the New Year!
What amazing gifts the new year sunshine brings!
An entire year's worth of wonderful opportunities,
given to us one sunrise at a time.
Many of the moments ahead will
be marvelously disguised as ordinary days,
but each one of us has the chance
to make something extraordinary out of them.
Each new day is a blank page in the diary of your life.
The secret of success is in
turning taht diary into the best story you possibly can.
Have pages on understanding
and tales of overcoming hardships.
Fills your story with
enthusiasm, adventure, learning , & laughter.
And make each chapter reflect time doing these things:
Follow your dreams. Work hard. Be kind.
Do what u can to make the door open
on a day that is filled with inspiration
in some special way.
Goodness will be rewarded. Smiles will pay u back.
Have fun.
Find strength. BE truthful. Have faith.
Do'nt focus on anything u lack.
Realize that people are the treasures in life, and
happiness is the real wealth.
Have a diary that describes how u r doing ur best,
the rest will take care of itself.


Tickneen said...

Well Said!!! Hope all is well!

Champ - Love Hound said...

Best Resolution ever read. Best of Luck for all you want. It's really nice Post.

Thankyou for Prayin' for me.
God bless you.....

Bloody_Hell said...

Nicely Said as always:)
How r u doin?
I am okish...
Love yaaa

Aftab Iqbal said...

Happy New Year....Hope u get all u want and all that's best for u!

Nabeel said...

so many resolutions? u think u'll be able to achieve each and everyone? well i know u'll try ..

kher .. what was ur resolution in 2004?

samrina said...

Thnx to all for the comments. :)

Well Nadi i m fine Alhamdulillah n glad to know about u:)

Yeah i know they r many resolutions Nabeel but not that much :)
InshaAllah i'll make it, my Allah is there to help me.
Hmmmmmm! my resolutions for the year 2004, u got late to ask this but anyhow one of the main one was to have lesser chocolates & to an extent i acheive the target :) Well friend to b very honest my ussually resolutions r same this year aswell that i m still trying hard to acheive, like to b a better human being, better muslim, better daughter, better sis, better friend, n best in every relationship. I never get satisfied n always criticize myself by my own. I feel there is always a margin to improve. No one is perfect in this world so wat we can do is to try n try n try.

God bless all,

Fahd Mirza said...

very well written, ofcourse.