Friday, January 20, 2006


According to Shakespeare this world is a stage & we all are artists performing our roles here. With a bit difference I think 'LIFE' ia an 'EXAM' that we all are giving and this world is an Exammination hall. Prophets send by Allah are our teachers provided with holy books to teach us & guide us. Everything in life whether its wealth, health, happiness, any realtion, each & everything is given or taken away from us is our exam. Like if we r been given any resource by Allah then its our exam in a way that how we utilize it, how we use it to help others. Yes Shatan is always there to misguide but thats our main exam to defeat him and make him fail in every of his attempt. Whatever we do here in this world we'll be rewarded and punished for this on the Day of Judgement and sometimes results are been also given here in this world as well.
Well thats my philosophy and what i think of life.
May Allah bless all !!


Fahd Mirza said...

Life is a multi-faceted concept. Life may refer to the ongoing process of struggle, or it may refer to just a drag-on.

To live is another thing and to really live is something quite another.

Champ - Love Hound said...

Samrina! Wow, you just posted somethin' really Great. I Loved the word you used here "Exam". It's really True that w 're here in a Test situation all the time. Thankyou for sharin' somethin' so Great from your Diary.

God bless you.....

Nabeel said...

idea my own? nooo .. i happened to come across this website .. thought it was interesting and hence the post. The letter is my own

Anyway .. yes you're right .. prophets teach us through the holy books. So there are 4 subjects then .. i.e. the four religions?

What about others subjects such as Hinduism .. which doesn't have a prophet and no holy book

samrina said...
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samrina said...

Fahd thnx for sharing ur thoughts here.

Thnx Khurram for understanding n appreciating, that really means alot :)

Well yeah Nabeel i know the letter was urs. :)
Answering ur questions now well i think subject is also one n religion is also one i.e. ISLAM yeah with some differences but main theme n purpose is same of all the 4 books & that is Allah is one, all of them teachs us almost the samething n stops us from doing wrong things, unfortunately people have make some changes in the earlier 3 holy books according to their needs n wish thats why its confusing now but Quran that we're following is the most appropriate n complete one n cannot b changed.

I dnt know much about the other religions but yes Hindus they do have their holy book named to be 'Geeta' and they do have prophets like Ram, Krishna, etc.thats wat one my hindu friend told me.

Human said...

Hi Samrina. I am back. Thank you for concern. A visit to my place will reveal a lot. I've joined membership in your club. One that neither of us ever wanted.

samrina said...

Welcome back Human :) :) we all missed u alot, hope everything will be fine at ur side, how is Lil Joe?
Well do i have any club???? :)
anyhow u r most welcome :) :)
Oh thnx alot for the comment u wrote at Fahd's blog
Samrina = Wise and Gentle Angel.
U really made my day :) :)
thnx alot friend.


Bloody_Hell said...

very nice post..:))