Saturday, January 07, 2006

US mine tragedy in West Virginia

Families of 11 US miners found dead have expressed anger and disbelief at communications failings which led them to believe their loved ones were alive.
Relatives were celebrating a "miracle" before they were told only one of the 12 West Virginia miners had survived. A 13th miner was found dead earlier.
"There was no apology. There was no nothing," said Nick Helms, son of dead miner Terry Helms.
The survivor, Randal McCloy Junior, 27, is still critically ill in hospital.

Only one of 12 miners trapped underground in West Virginia was found alive, hours after it had been reported the 12 had survived. A 13th miner had been found dead earlier.

Earlier, relatives had celebrated news of the "miracle" that 12 miners had been found alive.

The 13 coal miners were trapped 70 metres underground after the mine explosion . They are thought to have been poisoned by toxic fumes.

Rescuers knew they were battling against the clock before the men ran out of air, food and water.

Mining officials tried to explain what happened at a news conference, but there were tough questions over how the miscommunication occurred. Ambulances rushed from the scene, but it transpired only one miner was still alive, Randal McCloy Junior. A vigil was held hours after news of the deaths was finally confirmed.


Nabeel said...

i know .. what a heart-breaker.

Human said...

From elation to the depths of despair.
The more we are learning about this, the worse the Mine Company looks.

Imran Anwar said...

I enjoyed reading your well written comment. It is truly a tragedy, and worse for the families to have such joy followed by such despair. I hope the mining company pays if (?) they are guilty of negligence, but my blog comment at:

does raise the issue of some people I had heard about turning grief into greed. I hope I am wrong. Comments welcome.



Imran Anwar said...

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