Wednesday, January 04, 2006

( 1961 - 1997 )
Lady Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1,1961 to the Eighth Earl Spencer. Her softspoken and caring nature allowed her to feel most comfortable working with small children. However, fate had another destiny in store for her. On July 29,1981 Lady Diana went from being a shy twenty year old girl to being the future Queen of England when she married Prince Charles, heir to the British throne.She could no longer be simply a mentor for young children, but would now also have to become a role model for an entire nation.
The world watched in awe as the fairy-tale marriage began it's journey. Soon, everyone would rejoice as Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis Windsor, a new heir to the throne, was born on June 21,1982. A short two years later, another Prince, Harry Charles Albert David Windsor, made his appearance into the world. Britain now had an heir and a spare to carry out the royal blood line.
The fairy-tale would soon turn into a nightmare, however, as the royal marriage between Prince Charles and Princess Diana began to crumble. On August 28,1996 the final decree of their divorce was issued after fifteen years of marriage. The People's Princess was no longer royalty and Diana found herself battling constant bouts of depression. But her hardships were never strong enough to ovepower her love for her children as she continued to play an important role in their upbringing.
After years of anxiety, Diana slowly seemed to be turning a new leaf. She began dating Dodi Al Fayed and appeared to be the happiest she had been in a long time. However, her life was cut tragically short when Diana was killed in an automobile accident in Paris. The world, stunned from this unexpected loss, mourned as it never had before. Millions of flowers and sympathy notes were placed in front of Buckingham Palace in rememberance of her. A funeral was held for Lady Diana Spencer on September 6,1997 as her family, friends and the world alike said goodbye to the People's Princess.
Although Diana lost her royal tittle, in the minds and hearts of those who loved her, she will always be the Princess of Wales. She has left behind two young sons who carry with them all her hopes and dreams for a brighter future. But more importantly, she has left behind her legacy; that determination and compassion are primary weapons in the struggle to create a better world. Though she will be missed, she will never be forgotten and so Lady Diana Spencer will live in our hearts and minds forever.


Human said...
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Human said...

That was a very fitting tribute.
In my humble opinion -
Lady Diana, Class, Style amd Integrity.
I wish she did not marry below herself. She deserved a lot better than the Royals offered.

Nabeel said...

human said it all. the world misses its lady.

Hasan Mubarak said...

Lady Diana will always be alive in the hearts of millions across the world!!