Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Three things of life that once gone, never come back:

Time, Words & Opportunity
Three things of life that are most valuable:
Love, Self-confidence & Friends

Three things of life that are never sure:
Dreams, Success & Fortune

"Success without honor is an unseasoned dish;
it will satisfy your hunger, but it won’t taste good."
Keep Smiling :)


No One said...

Words of wisdom...I shud definitely remember them :) thanks for posting them samrina...see ya :)

Nabeel said...

ya I wish they expand their database of poets and poetries.

welll .. i think you can get these three things back .. here are the examples:

TIME: "my time will come again" we've heard this quote so many times. "There will be another time" .. and well .. many are war quotes too (old wars fought on horses)

WORDS: hmmm .. i dunno .. can u give an example here of words that can't come back?

OPPORTUNITY: it always comes back. Sometimes a better one

رنگ حيات said...

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samrina said...

First of all thnx to all for the comments.

Well Nabeel to an extent u r right. But u know sometimes and in some cases if we miss whether its time, words or opportunity we juz get regrets for rest of our life.