Friday, December 30, 2005

Question of 7...

Well no one thats my first experience to b tagged :( :(
anyhow i m an introvert & u really put me in trouble now, anyways let me try

7 things I want to do in my life:-
  • to be a good human being n muslim offcourse
  • obedient daughter
  • good in every relationship of mine
  • really want to do something for children(especially child labour)
  • do something in the field of business( as i m a MBA)
  • gain more n more knowledge as i can
  • make everyone around happy

7 things I can do: -

  • i can sacrifice anything for my religion
  • can do anything for my relations
  • Alhamdulillah i can cook( as this is one of my hobby)
  • can hide my feelings
  • i can write poetries( thats another thing not that gud)
  • can do sketching( sometimes based on mood)
  • i m too flexible can change myself( not in bad terms, can differentiate between gud n bad)

Seven Things I say the most:

  • Allah malik hai
  • who cares
  • anyhow
  • God knows
  • ahan
  • okie dokie
  • so

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex:

  • confidence
  • maturity
  • decency
  • height
  • honesty
  • kind heart
  • responsible n off course respect others

Seven Celebrity Crushes:


7 people I tag:

No one its a bad habit. :)


Tickneen said...

Just cruisin blogs, I like the pics you have on yours. I don't know anyone from Pakistan. Hope all is well!

No One said...

HeyZz...nice to learn more about you...and hey ur poetry isn't that bad ;) kidding :D...and "height" as one of things that attract you the most about the opposite sex...I hear ya sista` :)...take care and see ya.

Nabeel said...

which one is more important? to be a good human being or to be a good muslim? .. well which one do you think is more important?

Champ - Love Hound said...

It's nice post. Didn't see you on my Blog for many days.... How you 've been doin' ? I 've also attempted these Sevens.

God bless you....

samrina said...

Thnx tickneen for the comments, yeah Alhamdulillah all is fine here in this part of the world n hope for same at ur side aswell :)

Well No one its u who make me do this :(, anyhow there is still left alot about me :)
Poetries at my blog r not all mine i think u must b having some misunderstanding :(
Yeah height attracts me but its not that much important, for me internal beauty is the main thing :), anyhow thnx to make me write all this, my first step towards being an extrovert :)

Hmmmm! well Nabeel Islam teaches us to b a good human being first so i guess in a way both r same n no difference in being a good muslim n good human being. For eg. according to Islam we shud b honest in everything whether its realtionship, work or watever, and thats wat required to b a good human being as well, wat say?
thnx anyways:)

Thnx Khurram, Alhamdulillah me doing fine. Yeah i know u r also been tagged :) , thnx to No one :)

No One said...

Happy New Year!!!

Bloody_Hell said...

Happy new Year sis!
May Allah bless u and shower u with loads of happiness and love.

Keep smiling!

Nice to learn more about ya....

Sense of humor attracts me...any one who can make me in my good books Real quick!...

Take care sis

Nabeel said...

what is this thing that u guys are taking about .. "being tagged"

you gave the right answer .. if you're a good muslim .. you are automatically a good human being .. let me put it this way (if you're in school you should be familiar with this kind of logical approach)

ALL good muslims are good human beings
ALL good human beings are not good muslims

the above set of statement is true .. you can be a good human being but not necessarily a muslim .. i.e. you can be christian or jew and still be a good human being. this is what many muslims don't understand.