Friday, December 09, 2005

Each day we struggle to keep up with our daily lives. We have families and jobs and responsibilities we must stay on top of. People depend on us.There are "things that need to get done".
May be we dont always remember to take a minute for the "little things".
But you know what?
Life is too short, and the lawn will continue to grow well after we are no longer to mow it. There will always be bill to pay, mouths to feed, laundary, windows and cars to wash.....
Those that care about us won't sit around "the ol' the camp fire" and reminisce about ability to multi-task better than the rest or our task mastergreatness.
Hopefully they'll remember us by the time we spent:
So take this moment to let them know what they mean to you.


Vman said...

Nice Poem. sort of.

samrina said...

Thanks vman for the comment, but i juz tried to express my thoughts, God people always take watever i do in other ways :) :)