Friday, December 23, 2005



Nabeel said...

Quaid-e-Azam ka mazaar still looks the same, I saw it the last time I went to Pakistan .. couple of months ago.

samrina said...

Well Nabeel its same since i m seeing it when i was a kid :) :)
i think have to search the material they used in the building, really longlasting n durable :) :)

No One said...

I love the second picture, the badshahi masjid (is that how you spell it?)....I went back to it this summer...took tons and tons of lahore...haven't I said that :)

Hey thanks for allowing anyone to comment :) really sweet.

see ya.

samrina said...

well Mr. No One u r welcome, n i m not taking ur dicttion or any spelling test so dnt u worry at all :)
Badshahi Masjid is one of my favourites too, the architect is really mind blowing, awesome.


Human said...

Wow. What a enchanting place. I hope maybe to visit someday.