Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Negative Words..

There are many words in the dictionary that are been considered negative and whenever we use or heard them a negative impression comes in our mind… but if we think deeply we’ll get to know that how positively they are impacting our life..

Peril, catastrophe and disaster are words that can make anyone easily scared and consider to be most discouraging words… but I would define them as our friends, allies and mentors.

Appearing as enemies on the surface, these seeming threats are our most helpful teachers on our Earth adventure. These apparent foes repeatedly demonstrate how we humans have awesome power over our fate and circumstances in life.

have nice times..

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Noushy Syah said...

Hi sis,

True indeed! That words bring fright,scarry and phobia but those unwanted events (sometimes) teach us to be stronger,coping better and ready to face any challenges in life for better.

Thanks for the inspiring post.Kindly visit here and get your special award for being such a lovely friend to me.

Have a gr8 day sis.Take care.

Margie said...

Excellent post, Samrina!
Your words carry much truth!
We can grow very much from disasters and perils in our lives and beacome stronger!

Thank you for your inspiring words!
Have a wonderful day!


shades said...

thoughtful words, samri..! thanks for sharing these.. this will help me a lot in the coming days i believe..!

Kevin Blight said...

Just to share a piece of history, the emperor Ghengiz Khan was inspired by betrayal. This one negative term made him carve out an empire stretching from Asia to Europe!!! So yeah, many negative words make us do positive things. It's the fear of bad that makes us do good.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

thanks for the thought

samrina said...

Hi Noushy,

Thanks dear for sharing your views here and i m grateful for your love n award.. i have just checked it.. :)

God bless you dear sis!


Hi Margie,

Thanks a lot dear for your encouraging words here..

You too have a great time..

Take care


Hi Shades,

Glad you understood and agreed with my words dear..

Thanks for your visit :)

God bless you Shades!!

samrina said...

Hi Kevin,

Thanks a lot dear for sharing this thoughtful piece of history here..

Always love to see you around dear :)

God bless you!


Hi Andrew,

You are always welcome Andrew :)

Thanks for coming by..

Take care

shooting star said...

quite true!!!

Eric Valentine said...

There is so much truth in those words and these are the things we learn from. Nice post.. :)

floots said...

like so many allegedly "bad" things - words are dependent on their users as to whether they are used for harm or good
thanks samrina

Ahmed said...

Nice words Samrina

samrina said...

Hi & Thanks Shooting Star, Eric, Floots n Ahmed for sharing your views and liking the post.

Glad to see you all around :)

God bless you all.


Cergie said...

Hi Samrina, these words will be differently understood depend how you are at the moment
It is the same than being sitting cumfortably in the swinging gondola of an high Ferris wheel. It is less scary than being standing.
Don't you think so ?


samrina said...

Hi Cergie,

Yeah agreed dear.. :)

Thanks dear for sharing your views here :)

Take care