Sunday, January 20, 2008

Colors of Pakistan

Fairy Meadows

Dudipatsar Lake

Beautiful Shimshal Lake

the picture from Phandee Village in Chitral,Pakistan

Village halmet located in Neelum Valley Pakistan

Neelum Valley in Azad jammu and Kashmir


shades said...

wowwww Samri....
so pretty pictures...
thanks a lot for sharing these...!

samrina said...

Hi Shades,

Yeah these are.. you will enjoy more if you can visit them in real..

You're always welcome dear:)

Take care

Kevin Blight said...

Beautiful pictures. Loved them :)

samrina said...

Thanks Kevin:)

God bless you dear.

david santos said...

I love yous photos, Samrina. Very nice.
Good luck.

Untill always.

Margie said...

Gorgeous pictures of your country!
I so enjoyed them!
Thanks for sharing them, Samrina!


Keshi said...

very nice! Just like Sri n fresh.

But I hope both Pak and SL will get the PEACE they much need.


floots said...

amazing scenery
thank you

magiceye said...

wow so picturesque

samrina said...

Hi & my deep thanks to all of for coming by and praising these lovely pictures reflecting beauty of my country..

God bless you all!!

Best Regards,


(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

wow.. these pics are so pretty :-)
you make me miss Pakistan :-(

samrina said...

Hi Raaji,

You dont need to miss dear just take a flight and you'll b here :)



drips of paint said...

looks like paradise, samrina
would it be diificult for forienger to come to these places?

Eric Valentine said...

Wow such wonderful photo's Samrina and snow too! Who would have thought that.. :)

samrina said...

Hi Tim,

In winters its quite difficult because of snowfall but otherwise rest of the year lots of tourists and foreigners do visit these northern areas of Pakistan.. you must have a visit and i m sure you'll get lots around to paint...

God bless you Tim!!


Hi Eric,

Yeah truly visiting these places you'll feel like that you're might b in heaven..

Thanks for coming by Eric:)

God bless you!

samrina said...
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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

what a beautiful place!!

samrina said...

Hi Andrew,

Yeah these are.. glad you liked them.

Thanks for coming by:)

Take care

shooting star said...

nice pics!!....some of the pics are ethereal!!......btw the last shot...u captioned it azad J&'s Pakistan Occupied J&K.....

Noushy Syah said...

Beautiful and amazing scenery !! Colourful and yet so soothing to the eyes!!

Have a gr8 w/end sis.Take care.

samrina said...

Thanks Shooting star & Noushy, glad you liked it :)

Thanks for coming by.

Best Regards,