Monday, June 26, 2006


We all human beings have different ways to see and have different perceptions about same thing. Its at our own that whether we see the dark side of the picture or brighter one. Our vision keeps us positive or negative and our vision impacts many other things in our life too.

When a person begins to see all goodness as being the goodness of God, all the beauty that surrounds him as the divine beauty, he begins by worshipping a visible God, and as his heart constantly loves and admires the divine beauty in all that he sees, he begins to see in all that is visible one single vision; all becomes for him the vision of the beauty of God.

His love of beauty increases his capacity to such a degree that great virtues such as tolerance and forgiveness spring naturally from his heart. Even things that people mostly look upon with contempt, he views with tolerance. In nature he sees God, in man he sees His image, and in art and poetry he sees the dance of God. The waves of the sea bring him the message from above, and the swaying of the branches in the breeze seems to him a prayer. For him there is a constant contact with his God.

...'If you wish to know God, you must know yourself.' How little man knows while he is in the intoxication of individualism! He thinks, 'I am a separate being; you are another; there is no connection between you and me, and we all have our own joys and free will.' Did man but know it, his life is dependent not only on the objects and things that keep the body alive, but also on the activity of a thousand minds in a day. ... Who then can say, 'I am an individual, independent and free, I can think as I wish, and I can do what I wish? ...

We are connected with one another. Our lives are tied together, and there is a link in which we can see one current running through all. There are many globes and lamps, and yet one current is running through all..."


JamesBright said...

Many people believe that they can control their own lives!
But most of the times they are proved wrong!
The connection between man and God is surely the way of awakening.
Nice post.
My best wishes to you Samrina.
May God bless you..!

Gaurav Jain said...

True, we're all connected with God. How nice it would be to see God in all our observations - that will definitely prevent us from taking wrong decisions, and it will help us bring happiness to ours and others' lives.

Also, it's quite true that we're all connected. Though are actions decide our destiny, those actions are very much a result of collaboration with other people.

EXSENO said...

I never thought of it in quite that way before. Very interesting.

Champ - Love Hound said...

Such a piece of Gold, you stated here. *Smiles*

God bless you.....

Human said...

As always, a wise and truthful post.

David said...

Much wisdom here. It does make for a nicer life to know that our Creator is also our provider and friend. And like you say, Samrina, we are all His offspring and connected in a gigantic web. To hate you is to hate myself. To love you is to love myself. To love God is to love all His offspring. Its not too crowded in this world God made, its not crowded enough.

samrina said...

James Bright... yeah true u stated friend somtimes things r beyond control n we r fail to control our own lifes. Thnx alot for ur appreciation n best wishes. Same wishes for u my friend from myside:)

Gaurav Jain... thnx alot friend for adding ur beautiful thoughts here, totally agreed:)

Exseno... glad that u got something new n interstiong at my blog :)

Champ... thnx alot friend for the appreciation ur words always help to raise my morale:)

Human... really glad to hear from u again my friend always miss ur comments, thnx for ur liking:)

David... very nicely u described it in ur words friend, thnx alot ur words always make me learn something. Glad to have u in my friend's list:)

Takecare all.

Nabeel said...

yuppp every vision and perspective is different :)