Sunday, June 11, 2006

Including me myself I found many around talking of loneliness . I was bit confused about it that what it is actually, whether a positive thing or negative?? So since last few days I am thinking about this topic seriously and deeply to get the answers of my questions.

Well according to the definition of ‘Loneliness’ it’s a condition where we can only depend ourselves for any strength or mental nourishment. It is a period when we may be completely alone or, although we are with others, we may feel alienated from them and unable to share our unique experiences with any other person at that at that specific moment.

Feeling lonely sometimes is natural. Humans need to socialize. "We need to have a sense of belonging, we need feedback from others, recognition, and a sense that there are others who care about us, understand us, and that we matter to them." Solitude is not always bad. We have all enjoyed being alone- with nature, or music, or books. It is when we feel depression, boredom, and meaninglessness then we have to act. Prolonged loneliness can become fatal if not dealt with as it can deprive a person of his will to live on.

Well I have placed here my findings and views about the topic and I would like all of you also to add your views about it.

Prayers for all.


S A L Z said...

Feeling lonely at times is very human. There are different kinds of loneliness: feeling as though you don't have enough (or any) friends; feeling unseen or unknown by those you know; difficulty feeling good when alone or making use of one's time. Sometimes we suffer because of a false belief about ourselves: "If I am alone, then something must be wrong with me. Perhaps I am unlovable." This feeling may be a symptom of insufficient self love.

By all means the way you think depends on which type of lonliness you exhibit...there can be many reasons as i described above :
1- By thinking you are Unlovable as something is wrong with you.
2- Not knowing how to utilize the lonely time can also cause lonliness.
3- Feeling of shame of something that you have done can also separate you from rest of people.
4- Thinking that you might not have enough friends or people to interact to.
5- Feeling of denial from all others you know can also cause lonliness.

So my point here being is if somebody really thinks he/she is alone than he/she has to separate the type of lonliness and as soon as you can separate, you can instantly start working on it by thinking why the Hell i feel that way...and if you are courageous enough you'll be able to reject any of those thoughts coming into your mind frequently and hence you can recover from loneliness by devicing a plan or strategy to conquer ur false thoughts or beliefs. And the best way to do that is to ask someone for help, the one whose close to you can really guide you well.
Thats what i think of lonliness...i hope this make you people more understandable.

Champ - Love Hound said...

I don't think I should add somethin' here coz I totally agree with you. You 've said it best way. And thankyou for your thoughtful words for me, I 've learnt my lesson. I'm glad you read it coz I wanted you to read it coz you 're such a Dear friend. *Smiles*

God bless you......

Gaurav Jain said...

Everybody suffers from loneliness, but I think that the ultimate solution to this problem is within yourself. If you can learn to be happy when alone, I think you've learnt the secrent of happiness.

bablu said...

Loneliness is quite often equated with the situation when your guy/girl dumps you. Although its true - but there are lots of other situations when you feel loneliness too.

hope and love said...

if we make 'ourselves' our best friends... realise the 'ourselves r the only person we can depend on fully.. we can do away with lonliness..

aineey said...

please start thinking about cheerful things too.

suga said...

Nobody is lonely...Allah is with us all the time..
We feel it coz we cant see...but sumtimes being away frm stuff is a good thing...

saad said...

Thankx alot :) Well I guess all the modes lie in ourselves. People having many people around, may feel loneliness and an all alone person can enjoy much better.

So eat more chocolates and always feel happy. (be aware of sugar...)

JamesBright said...

We all need loneliness ..but it may be horrendous at sometimes! In life, we can't avoid all these situations.. they all after another..!

samrina said...

Salz... thnx alot friend for such a detailed comment here. U described it really in a better way n showed us all a sufficient way out of it. Thnx again from myside n all the readers here for enhacing our all knowledge regarding the topic:)

Champ... glad friend that u agree with watever i stated in my post related to the topic and thnx alot for considering me such a reliable friend that u wanted me to read all that something very personal. Do remember my prayers r always with u :)

Guarav Jain.. very true u stated friend, infact i enjoy alot my loneliness but dnt know y others around always have prob with it that i m rude, reserved, isolated, mad, blah blah ..... :( :(
Anyhow thnx for adding ur views :)

Bablu... yeah there could b many situations n reasons as well of loneliness. Thnx for sharing ur views here :)

Hope n love... do agree with the way out u showed in ur comment friend thats wat i do too, thnx for ur words here:)

Aineey... thnx sis for stoping by my blog and for ur advice too, i'll definately start thinking about it too:)

Suga... so very true sis u said that Allah is always there with us so its just a matter of thinking and faith. Thnx alot for adding here ur thoughts :)

Saad... well welcome but y u said thnx by the way.... :) :)
Anyhow yeah u r right its something inside us and dnt worry i already love chocolates n Alhamdulillah i m happy too, see :) :) May Allah keep us all happy n healthy:)

James Bright... agree with wat u stated friend its all part of life and we have to face all that time to time in life. Tthnx for sharing ur views here:)

Takecare all.

David said...


I like your question about loneliness, Is it supposed to be bad or good?

You must not mind loneliness. That's interesting. Sometimes, when I'm lonely, I'm sad. But a lot of the time, the Lord keeps me remembering His care for me and so I really never see the depression other people get, whom I know. As a well-known author put it, "Nothing can make us sad, when Jesus makes us glad by His presence."

But without Him I know I would be a very dead person.

EXSENO said...

I sometimes think that loneliness affects the young more then the elderly. A need for companionship and sharing.
Sometimes I think that after a bussy life of working raising a family and not haveing much time for ones self, being alone is a comfort and a time to enjoy refinding ones self. In my older years I don't feel lonely, I feel solitude and comfort in the stillness of being alone.