Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Falling Leaves And Life
All colors have faded on the weather-worn leaves,
Which, reaching their lives' final stage,
Relinquish their holds on the ancient oak tree,
And succumb to the pressures of age.
A gentle breeze catches them one after one
And tenderly nudges them around
To appear they are tiptoeing about in the air
While they flutter and float to the ground.
A few leaves tenaciously cling to the tree,
Although they are shriveled and dry,
But the others they follow and soon spiral down
To land on the pile where they lie.
The leaves have returned to the earth whence they came,
Enhancing the soil they have fed
And providing the space in their brief cycle span
For new life to appear in their stead.


EXSENO said...

Very nice. I like it very much.

S A L Z said...

Fantastically brilliant peom...nice work Sam!!.
How meaningfully it relates to life approaching its counterpart i.e death. And near the end of poem it describes how important u were and what contribution u had done but now its time to made way for new life so go.. and go with happy heart. Anyway its what i got from it but i still love it !!!
Once again Sam..nice contribution
Hope to see n read more things from u...stay alive :)

JamesBright said...

Me too loved this little poem.
The life is that tree and we all are those leaves and we surely will fall one day..!
How sad is that..!
Then all we can do is to love each other and make our days as happy as possible as we can by spreading the word of peace and love in this material world!
I loved the imagination.

Rose said...

I luv the beauty of autumn leaves and the depth of 'death' that they signify.. This is an excerpt of a poem i wrote abt autumn long time ago-

"As they fall in a slow dance towards death,
Pulled by the gravity of destiny;
Such valour they must have,
To dance the dance so beautifully"



Gaurav Jain said...

Hello Samrina!
That's a wonderful poem, and brings nostalgic thoughts to my mind. I had written a story about the life of an old tree long time ago, and you can also read it here.

Wonderful post!

Tim Rice said...

Neat poem. And I like your thought how that new life springs out of death. How true.

Champ - Love Hound said...

That's indeed True. Today I needed to hear somethin' like that, thankyou.

I just posted a question on my blog, I need your thoughts about it. *Smiles*

God bless you.....

Champ - Love Hound said...

My Dear! thankyou for your comments, I think you know why I posted that question "Trust". Some one was playin' with my emotions so deeply 'n' I let it happenm it was my fault. You said right way in your comments. *Smiles*

God bless you....

saad said...

really awesome....I luv the season....infact its my favourite....we normally use to go Murree in the season and stay there in rest house....i mean Radio Rest House...Radio k employees ko mil jaata hai..and now I got the job too Radio... thats why I was off for the long time... :)

samrina said...

Exseno... Thanks alot for your appreciation but i wanna clear that these r not my own words i liked it alot thats y placed at my blog to share with my blog fellows. Anyhow glad that u liked it :)

Salz... well its not my brilliant work friend :( and i cleared it above, i think its my mistake, i shud mention that in the last of the post that its from someone unknown but anyhow whoever wrote this may Allah bless him/her. By the way i m glad that u thought about it so deeply and found atlast the main theme of the poetry thats wat i guess poet means to say:)
Well dnt worry i'll b contributing in future as well watever i got till i m alive, thnx anyways :) :)

Dreamslittle... dnt b sad friend b optimistic death is not the end we can still stay alive in others heart coz of our gud works and very well u said that we shud try to make every moment of life more n more happy n peaceful not for ourselves only but for all around as well. Thnx for ur liking:)

Rose... glad that u liked the post sista and i wud love to read wat u wrote about it:) :)

Gaurav Jain... thnx for ur appreciation but again i dnt deserve it my contribution is just that i placed it here anyhow thnx alot for sharing here by wat u wrote about life, its really great n deep, u know u got gud writting skills haan:) :)

Timrice.. yeah thats so true about life, thnx for liking it friend i liked it too thats y placed it here:)

Champ... really glad that u got something at my blog that helped u out. Yeah i know a bit about the reasons that y u placed that question at ur blog and i m sorry i know i m not suppose to read all that( hope u r getting wat i mean and know that where i read all that) anyhow my apologies. Thats true watever i answered at ur blog about that question was by keeping all that in my mind. Well can't comment anything about it as i dnt know whole but still as i called u my friend so wanna say that we all do makes mistakes in life and its not necessary that watever we expect we get same in life so just take it as an exam of life and main thing is the learning and i hope u learned one more lesson of life. Keep smiling:) :)

Saad... glad to hear from u after such a long time and congrats for getting a job:)
Thnx for liking the post but again these r not my words :)

Takecare all.