Friday, May 12, 2006

Respect Is A Four-Letter Word
If you want to succeed in your chosen profession, create a loving family environment, improve a relationship, find your soul mate, or just improve the quality of your personal life, make a conscious commitment to practice showing respect in everything you do and everything you say.

Respect is the by-product of a four-letter word ? L-O-V-E
LOVE is one emotion, however we express it on different levels for different people. We LOVE our significant others, children, friends, co-workers, and parents in different ways, yet we still love them.

RESPECT plays a HUGE role in building people's self esteem, increasing energy levels, motivating and promoting well-being. Regardless of who we interact with, it can be expressed on one level alone and does not have to be tailored to suit the relationship.

Respect can be demonstrated in a variety of ways:

- attentive listening

- referring to a person by name

- being courteous and polite

- learning the person's values and beliefs so as not to offend with inappropriate or offensive remarks

- taking the person aside when need be to discuss matters that would offend or demean if handled publicly

- eliminating offensive language and profanity from your vocabulary

By treating others with respect, you will be amazed by how they will go out of their way to support you. Like-minded individuals will be drawn to you and you will be treated with the same respect you show to others.

By showing respect you are silently communicating, "You Matter" and although you may not see an immediate impact, you are making a positive difference and will be rewarded for your kindness through universal reciprocation.

As you start this week, make a conscious effort to show respect to every soul you encounter, even the gnarly lady at the fruit stand and the cranky bus driver. Learn people's names and show a genuine interest in them. Wish them a good day and thank them for their efforts.


No One said...

Respect is soo crucial in every relationship...but you always have to earn it...nice post...see ya :)

Champ - Love Hound said...

Wow, you linked it nice way, Love 'n' Respect. *Smiles*

God bless you....

bablu said...

"Learn people's names and show a genuine interest in them" - People's names is one thing I always forget. Pretty embarrasing coz even though I show genuine interest it seems fake if I forget the name.

S A L Z said...

I guess we all know about importance of Love and Respect but the way u linked them is probably the best part of ur article and this two letter word "You Matter" is the soul of what u r trying to communicate here.
Respect is indeed a small effort as compared to the big rewards that are guarenteed afterwards.
Anyway i too forget names all the time and i'm sure i'll try to be more careful in future. thanx

samrina said...

No one... yeah very true u state here sis, thnx alot. See ya:)

Champ... thnx alot friend, hope u practice that too in ur life:)

Bablu... well u know wat, me too ussualy forget names:), anyhow may we can all memorize, thnx alot for ur words here.

Salz... nice to hear from u after such a long time haan:),thnx alot for all ur words n thoughts u stated here and dnt worry my prayers r with U InshaAllah U ll learn soon to memiorize names:) :)

hope and love said...

hmm.. true.. love and respect is something that comes togrther..
there is no love without respect and viceversa..