Thursday, May 04, 2006

Beautiful Butterflies!!!!


No One said...

I am getting to see all these butterflies in the backyard this season...very pretty indeed.

Champ - Love Hound said...

God, Nature what else, perhaps nice piece of photography.

Thankyou for your comments on my blog, I'm gonna tell you somethin' please don't mind it. I told you earlier that my Blog is all about lettin' others know the Lightest side of our Faith 'n' country. So for that I keep the complex things of our society aside.

You 're right that Divorce rate is increasin' in Pakistan too but still our family system is alot better than many others.

Hope you 're doin' good. *Smiles*
God bless you.....

saad said...

kuch likh bhi liaa kijiye....aap nain achaa shortcut lagaa reka hai..her defa ek pic legaa deti hain...tau yehio sochna perjaata hai...pic pe ab kiaa comment diaa jaaye...kidding :D...

btw collection is quite good :)

So miss how are you...well I got some change in my blog and address here's the new link...

cheers :)

suga said...

awww pretty!!

Nabeel said...

awesome pictures .. i love butterflies

Human said...

Such delicate beauty. You and the butterflys.

Hope all is well and right. I tempararly removed your link on my page to you.Ever since my "Remember" post back in the begining of April I have been getting harrassed by a most vile person.He posts as I and has visited all of my friendlies. You and your place are to precious to sully.

A friend posted this on her site -
Hope you like it.

samrina said...

No one... lucky u r sis:), i just luv butterflies n their colors:)

Champ... thnx friend for ur words. Well about my comment at ur blog accept my apologies. I just wrote there watever came into my mind, anyhow i can understand wat u mean friend, i'll try to b careful in future InshaAllah:)

Saad... hey, u gtot my strategy haan:), well friend its to test u actually that how u comment something unwritten:) ;)
Anyhow thnx for ur appreciation and info. related to ur new link, i'll definately upgrade the link:)
Besides i m doing fine thnx n hope u n all around u too:)

Nadi... thnx alot sis, yeah its pretty:) Hope u doing fine there.

Nabeel... well thnx for the appreciation friend but its not my work:(... besides u really got a nice n impressive collection of photography done by u at ur blog:)

Human... really glad friend to hear something from ur side after such a long gap:)
Well i can understand and known with the problems u r facing related to ur blog as i continously visit n read out ur posts. Anyhow my prayers r there, hope it all gonna b resolved soon.
Thnx for the link, i'll definately check it out:)

Tim Rice said...

Gorgeous pictures and I like the uplifting tone of your posts.