Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Life is a resplendent flower;
the more you ardentlyinhale it;
the more it casts its fragrant spell upon
each cranny of your disastrously frazzled demeanor;
for centuries immemorial,
Life is an invincible mountain;
the more you valiantlyclamber it;
the more it impregnably defends every iota
of your bereaved countenance;
against the mostacrimoniously vicious attacks,
Life is a tantalizing ocean;
the more you profuselyswim in it;
the more it envelops your cloud
burst ofinexplicable agonies;
with its enchantingly rhapsodictanginess,
Life is a ravishing cloud;
the more insatiably youfloat in it;
the more it encapsulates your
monotonously beleaguered senses;
in an entrenchment of
mystically voluptuous sensuousness,
Life is a blazing Sun;
the more unflinchingly you stare at it;
the more it magnanimously bequeaths upon
you the tenacity;
to surge relentlessly forward
towards your philanthropically divine goals,
Life is a tingling dewdrop;
the more bountifully youcaress it;
the more it enshrouds every element of your
disastrously dwindling persona;
with majesticallytranquil compassion,
Life is a resplendent star;
the more uninhibitedly youlet it in your dwelling;
the more it wholesome
lyinfiltrates your ghastily bereaved conscience;
withinnocuously twinkling beams of sacrosanct light,
Life is an exhilarating adventure;
the more poignantlyyou pursue it;
the more it enthrallingly perpetuatesinto
each of your brutally extinguishing nerves;
tounconquerably metamorphose them into the boundaries of
spell binding paradise,
Life is an exotic waterfall;
the more fervently youbathe in it;
the more it astoundingly washes each of
your inadvertently committed sin’s;
maneuvering you
towards the path of everlasting prosperity,
Life is a true story;
the more passionately youengross in it;
the more it romantically titillateseach aspect
of your insidiously dithering existence;
with its insurmountably ingratiating melody,
Life is an Omnipotent form;
the more devoutly yourespect it;
the more it uninhibitedly blesses every
aspect of your survival;
miraculously transforming all
your traumatized anguish;
into a fountain of perennially sparkling happiness,
Life is an Omniscient elixir;
the more tenaciously youdrink it;
the more it handsomely relieves you of even
the most infinitesimal of your tensions;
indefatigablypropelling you to fantasize like a prince,
Life is an enchanting dream;
the more unfathomably youperceive it;
the more it blissfully it placates all
your savagely manipulative apprehensions;
engenders you to astonishingly procreate a countless more
brilliantly victorious tomorrow’s,
Life is a melodious song;
the more you patrioticallysing it;
the more it bestows you with the Herculeantenacity;
to wholesomely free your atrociouslybesieged;
and sacred motherland,
Life is an unassailable fortress;
the more youvehemently respect it;
the more it perpetually
sequesters you in its Omnipresent belly;
nourisheseach cranny of your existence
with the tonic ofradiantly vivacious righteousness,
Life is a vivid rainbow;
the more you profusely absorbit;
the more it stupendously inundates your despicably
collapsing existence;
with an unsurpassablekaleidoscope; of beauty; color;
and amiably charminghumanity,
Life is a humanitarian necklace;
the more youchivalrously wear it;
the more it showers upon your
penurious visage all richness of this planet;
the pricelessly regale religion of mankind,
Life is a Divine heaven;
the more you tirelesslysalute it;
the more it benevolently blesses your
pathetically withering nostrils;
with unsurpassable
fireballs of aristocratically exuberant breath,
And life is a lovebird;
the more you ecstatically letit fly;
the more it envelops your tyrannically
imprisoned heart; with immortal beats of love; l
ove;and only unshakably godly Love….


Champ - Love Hound said...

Somethin' so deep, somethin' so visible, somethin' so True. *Smiles*

God bless you....

JamesBright said...

After reading these lines, my attitude towards life is getting more positive..!

suga said...

Hi sis kasi hooo? great post as always!..wat r u up to now a dayz???

no one said...

Heyzz...where are ya? hope ur doing well sistAaa...take care...adios.

samrina said...

Champ... thnx alot for ur poetic words friend:)

Dreamslittle... i m so glad friend that something at my blog help u to change ur attitude towards life positively:) Well i wanna clear here these r nopt my own words, i got this in a mail from a friend & i loved it so placed it hee at my blog to share it with my blog friends & really glad to see that it worked.:) :)

Nadi... thnx alot sis i m fine Alhamdulillah n hope u too there:), well i had joined few short courses n plus participate in our family business as through with studies:)

No one... i m fine sis n dnt worry i m still in this world, just kiding haan:), anyhow glad to c u around:) :)

Takecare all.

Rose said...

"Life is a Divine heaven;
the more you tirelesslysalute it;
the more it benevolently blesses you"

Liked these lines somehw..



Tim Rice said...

Definitely a challenging poem. It makes one consider one's attitude towards all of life.

samrina said...

Rose... thnx alot for ur liking:)

Tim rice... yeah thats true about it, thnx for ur visit n comment:)