Friday, October 21, 2005

I am now alone
It feels as if you've left me here to die
So all day i think of you
And begin to cry
All my dreams and all my fears
In you i did confide
And all these things you took with you
My love, my hopes, my pride
We had our times together
Now that world's a memory
We laughed, talked, and joked, but now
You wont acknowledge me
You were my comfort
A shoulder to lean on over the past few
Always there when i needed you
To wipe away my tears
Thats the bullet in my wounded heart
Only a word - but i can see
It's keeping us apart.
(For my most sweetest father, i miss u alot n alot n alot, luv u sooo very much, u know na??? :( :( :( )


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