Monday, May 23, 2011

With every falling tear from my eyes;
I lost all my dreams...

Best Regards,


Devika said...

i'll tell you a secret, Samrina - try laughing, you might see them coming back :)

that said, hope it isn't anything too serious -- and time will heal your pain, and bring you back your dreams,


Devika said...

btw, you have promised me more than once that you won't cry -- don't forget that :)


Brian Miller said...

i hope they are just making room for new dreams....

Sam!! said...

Hi Devika,

Thanks Devika u r such a dear n sweet friend..n always been a great support..i ll try wat u suggest..but there r some pains in life that cannot be healed completely..u always feel that loss in ur life..but still no one hv a perfect life hv to move on..n old dreams hv to b replaced with new ones to survive..

Hey!! I do remember ma promise n i ll keep ma words..juz keep on reminding me if i forget..:)))

Loadsa love,

Sam!! said...

Hi Brian,

so positive..yea i hope so too..:)))


TALON said...

Sam, I hope the sad tears are shortly replaced with tears of joy as new dreams are born.

Frieda said...

I hope that one day your dreams will come back soon ... and maybe some tears of happiness.
best wishes to you!

Margie said...

Sam, I would agree with what Talon & Frieda said.
And may you soon have some beautiful new dreams and lots of joy!

Margie x

Umair said...

Disappointments show how weak a person you really are and you're far away from your goal of life. I pray to God to give you strength. Amen