Friday, May 06, 2011

I accepted to fail;
as it makes you win...
Best Regards,


Brian Miller said...

indeed, you must fail if you are ever to win

Devika said...

we all do that for others....else one we would never know real happiness,

but still the story shouldn't be about one winning or failing...we win or we fail together -- be it a love story or a friendship, or a marriage - no?

just my thoughts Samrina :)
(was just thinking you'd gone again :)


Sam!! said...

Hi Brian,

very true...

Have a great weekend..:)

Take care

Sam!! said...

Hi Devika,

Agreed...sacrificing especially for your love ones always get you true happiness and satisfaction..sometimes even more then happiness when we win at our own..

Thanks Devika for sharing your thoughts here..appreciated..n gud learning always..:))

By day I am back again..knew u thinking of me..:))) missed ya..:)


Devika said...

yes here, and that would make me, and all others happy :)


Sam!! said...


Thanks dear..its a great feeling to have people around for whom you really mean something..thanks for making me feel special..:))


Devika said...

always, Samrina :)


Margie said...

Wise words, Sam.
Nice to have you back!

Margie x

Eric Valentine said...

It's nice to see you here again Sam, be well my friend.. :)

Magyar said...

Accepting failure, becomes that needed surge... to move beyond.

__When the people turn, and walk away, their leaders will follow.

Fine insight, Sam! As always!

TALON said...

So wise, Sam! You're never a failure when you're trying. Lovely to see you and thank you for your prayers. Things are nearly back to normal now, thank heavens! :)

Frieda said...

Hey Sam, it's wonderful that you are back.
Your words are full of wisdom.