Saturday, November 14, 2009

I write.. I erase..
Memories that I don't want to remember...

Best Regards,


Devika said...

Leaves me with many questions, but then - it may not be right on my part to ask, or so i feel, Samrina :)

certain part of us...only we should know :)


Lorraine said...

and yet they stay written and won't oo away...not easy is it sweet Sam :)

Steve E. said...

In the writing is often happens the erasing--especially of memories. It is working for me.


Margie said...

I have done that too dear Sam!

Thank you for sharing!

Love to you dear one!


Kevin Blight said...

Ah, to be able to do that...!!!

Exhibition Organizers said...

you can fight the forces of Nature.. You will never win agains forces of nature.. keep trying..


Chow-Kletiya shaquille said...

I can smell rebellion sam.. :))))))



EXSENO said...

I Sam,
I stopped by to get caught up on all of your lovely words. Some sad, all beautifully written.

I'm sorry for your loss, but when I read it, I could feel your pain, I payed for your Baba too.

Sam!! said...

Hi n big thanks to everyone coming by and sharing your precious words and all your support.. i m deeply thankful to all of ma blogger..

Best Regards,