Monday, November 09, 2009

After his departure,
I realized what I lost...

Dedicating all my words today to the person who is the main reason n inspiration behind all my expressions that I have ever expressed through my poetry or whatever I have written so far... on his 19th death anniversary today.. I just wanna express all my love for him and wanna say.. I really miss you Baba.. May Allah rest his soul in peace.. Ameen..

Best Regards,



Brian Miller said...

ironic, i call my wife baba. if i ever lost her, i hate to imagine. a touching piece.

thanks for dropping by.

Sam!! said...

Hi Brian,

Well I used Baba for my father... :)
Dear true love n relationships can never be lost.. they always stay in our heart.. but yes at times physical appearance really matters a lot and required.. i can understand the pain n fear of loosing someone truly dear to us.. may God always keep you two(you n your wife) together and happy.. :)

Lots of Prayers,

Devika said...

Very touching, Samrina, and I use 'baba' for all those who are close to my heart... though i could make out it was about your father :)

I am reminded of my father == He would laugh if he ever saw my writings...He never thought i could...but then, he gave absolute freedom for pursuing our choices...

Parental love and blessings..never cease to be, Samrina :)


Exhibition Organizers said...
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Lorraine said...

So sorry, how is it that from the deepest sorrow come the most beautiful expressions...

Exhibition Organizers said...

May ALLAH bless your father and keep him in the highest level of Heaven (Jannat Al Firdous)
My best regards for you..

Youre the best when it comes to expressing. You use most simple words but these small words mean a World to me and can move mountains.

Once again May God Bless your father and you.


Margie said...

So touching Samrina!
Thank you for sharing.

Take care dear heart!



RBroeker said...

We will never fall deep, but in God's hand.

Best wishes

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Language is an interesting thing. In the Czech republic, baba is a derogatory term for a woman, but in Jordan it is an affectionate name for father. Look at all the other uses, given here! (Shows how important context is in communication!)

Sam!! said...

Hi Everyone,

I am so very grateful to all the blogger for all their support and views regarding my post.. thanks a lot.. :))

Best Wishes,

venus66 said...

Very touching post.Take care.

Sam!! said...

Hi Venus,

Thanks dear for dropping by.. :)

Take care