Monday, October 19, 2009


Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past,
Sometimes we need to stop planning future,
Sometimes we need to stop using our brain to take decisions;
and sometimes we need to listen to our heart what it says,
Sometimes we need to stop thinking about our own self;
and sometimes we need to think about others benefit too,
Sometimes we need to let it go,
Sometimes we need to accept life as it comes to us,
Sometimes we need to forgive, forget & ignore,
Sometimes we need to smile without any reason,
Sometimes we need to give our self break from routine,
Sometimes we need to let our self free,
Sometimes we just need to go with the flow,
Sometimes we need to live as we we want...

Best Regards,


Margie said...

A beautiful poem from you Sam!
It's all so very true.
Thank you dear and have a wonderful day.

Joy and blessings to you, always!


Exhibition Organizers said...

Indeed, sometimes life puts us in the biggest test that may shape the rest of our lives. So choose the path with open mind and clear heart. For once Listen to your heart and try to live this moment for your own self. Coz no one else may feel what you feel, but make sure that no one is affected severely and no one is lost forever...
My personal view is that the cruelest thing which we may do is try not to safe our loved ones from getting lost forever.
Good lines... keep up the good work

drips of paint said...

//Sometimes we need to live as we we want...//

... and what do we want???

I know for myself, I want all you stated in this post.

May God grace me, Sam and all those want the same with the energy to live like that.

God bless and keep safe:))

Eric Valentine said...

Very nicely written Sam.

And sometimes all we need to do is open our eyes, to see through the window to the world. Have a great day Sam. :)

(¯`•._.•[Raaji]•._.•´¯) said...

very well said. I agree :-)

Cergie said...

So true, Samrina !
Sometimes ?
Rather most of the time...

EXSENO said...

Every word so true I totally agree. Good post Sam.

Devika said...

Very nice, Samrina :)

All true...'at what times' is the real question, as I see....but then we all find a balance....and life moves on :)


Sam!! said...

Hi Everyone,

A big thanks to everyone visited my page and leaving there words here for me.. that truly means a lot to me and alwaz give me courage to write further.. :))

God bless you all!



Lorraine said...

Sometimes...touching and oh so real, I love this Sam :)