Friday, October 16, 2009

Message of the day..

I received this beautiful message in a forward email so here I am sharing it with all my readers as I found it worth sharing, hope you all gonna agree to this too.. so here it is:

If you go,

Go all the way till end.

If you give,

Give all that you have,

If you share,

Share all that you can.

If you love,

Love with whole of your heart.


How will you know,

What the end holds for you.

If you quit from half way through?

How will you feel the glory,

That is there in the complete surrender?

And what is the use of sharing,

If the secrets remains within you,

To make your burden heavy?

And why to hold your love back,

If there is someone who needs it?

So give all, share all, love unconditionally,

And you are sure to go right till end

To find the happiness and fulfillment..


Exhibition Organizers said...

Indeed very meaningful lines,

And why to hold your love back,

If there is someone who needs it!


Margie said...

A truly beautiful message and thank you for sharing it dear Sam.

Joy and blessings to you ... always!


Sam!! said...

Hi Anjum,

Yeah these are meaningful lines hope you learned ya lesson... :))

Best of luck!


Hi Margie,

Thanks a lot deary for your sweet words here... :))

God bless you too with a happy n healthy life :)


magiceye said...


take care friend.
sad to hear of all the mayhem by the terrorists.

Devika said...

Very nice message, Samrina :)

all that is said is true....but lets not forget...of all, man loves one-self the most.....women -- i am still learning them :))


Sam!! said...

Hi Magiceye,

Glad to have you around dear friend.. thnx for ya words here..:))

Take care


Hi Devika,

Well i completely agree with you Devika that.. 'man loves one-self the most'... well i think females are more devoted n consistent in comparison of guys..

Thanks Devika for coming by and sharing your views here.. :))

God bless you!


Rachel C Miller said...

Love is always worth sharing.